Our Members

Here is a roster of our current members whom you might have the pleasure of meeting at our Open House, or on the streets of London, arranged, for your elucidation, by their principal interest or occupation:


  • Jemima Blackburn - Illustrator of 27 books, especially Birds Drawn From Nature (1862, 1868); naturalist and ethnographer.
  • Sir Frederick Leighton - Painter and sculptor, President of the Royal Academy.
  • John Everett Millais - Pre-Raphaelite painter, well known for his painting, "Ophelia."
  • Jane Morris - An embroider and artists model. After her engagement to artist William Morris, she was privately educated to become a gentleman's wife, and became a model of decorum and good breeding. She is said to have been the inspiration behind the heroine of "Pygmalion" and "My Fair Lady."
  • Dante Gabriel Rossetti - Pre-Raphaelite poet and painter.
  • Lucy Rossetti - Painter, liberal agnostic feminist and wife of William Rossetti. Painted "The Duet."
  • Elizabeth Siddal - Pre-Raphaelite model and muse.
  • John William Waterhouse - Painter, known as the "modern Pre-Raphaelite."
  • James Abbott McNeill Whistler - Painter, close friend of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood. His mother has not yet moved to London.

British Army

  • Colonel William Green KCB - Commander of the 42nd Highlander Regiment of Foot. Just returned from Egypt to report on the battle of Tel El Kebir that put the rightful ruler back on the throne of Egypt.

Exploration & Archaeology

  • Amelia B. Edwards - Journalist, novelist, Egyptologist, founder of the Egypt Exploration Fund. In London for Christmas and to visit the British Museum and her publisher.
  • Heinrich Schliemann - Archaeologist and discoverer of Troy.


  • Isabella Beeton - In 1861 the 25 year old Isabella Beeton revolutionized the way women run their homes. Mrs. Beeton’s Book of Household Management is still in print to this day!
  • Marie Bickford - Aspiring writer and avid admirer of Emily Brontë and Charles Dickens. Eldest daughter of Captain Bickford, and excited to visit London for the first time at Christmas and to see her beloved father, who has been away at sea for two years.
  • Anne Brontë - Youngest sister of the famed Brontë sisters (otherwise known as the other Brontë sister) and author of Agnes Grey and The Tenant of Wildfell Hall. One of the celebrated feminists of Victorian times.
  • Elizabeth Barrett Browning - Poet and wife of fellow poet Robert Browning, with whom she eloped and fled to Italy, against her father's wishes, after exchanging a series of secret love letters. Known for 'Sonnet 43' from Sonnets from the Portuguese, which begins 'How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.'
  • Charles Lutwidge Dodgson - aka Lewis Carroll. Lecturer of mathematics and photographer. Might be a well known children’s author. Not a fan of signing his nom de plume’s fan mail. Sees invisible white rabbits.
  • Sheridan Le Fanu - Author of ghost and vampire stories.
  • Edgar Allan Poe - A poet and author from America who seems to specialize in the morose.
  • Christina Rossetti - Published English poet, best known for her works "Goblin Market" and "Remember." First published under the pseudonym Ellen Alleyne in the Pre-Raphaelite journal The Germ. She is the youngest sister of the famed artist, Dante Gabriel Rossetti.
  • William Howard Russell - Journalist and war correspondent in the Crimea and Indian Mutiny.
  • Mary Shelley - Writer and the widow of Percy Bysshe Shelley. Her works include: Proserpine, The Last Man, Lodore, Frankenstein, Falkner and Valperga. She has also written many travelogues and biographies.
  • Harriet Beecher Stowe - American abolitionist and author of Uncle Tom’s Cabin. Sister of Henry Beecher, of “Beecher’s Bibles” fame.
  • Her Serene Highness Princess Zinaida Volkonskaya, née Beloselsky-Belozersky - Famous for her literary salon, where she brings together luminaries of the age to forge new ideas. She is a patron of the arts and artists; herself a writer, an opera singer in her youth, and, according to the opinion of the poor for whom she often provides, a saint.
  • Oscar Wilde - Poet, writer, dramatist, and the greatest wit of his generation (just ask him), Oscar Wilde's wide-ranging work is as well-loved as his habits are controversial.


  • Dr Elizabeth Blackwell - First female physician who was not only a physician in the Americas but also in Britain.
  • Florence Nightingale - Affectionately known as "The Lady with the Lamp" by wounded soldiers during the Crimean War. The founder of modern nursing, she reformed sanitation and hospital care which saved thousands of lives.

Performing Arts

  • Lillie Langtry - Also known as “the Jersey Lily” was a professional beauty, model and muse for the Pre-Raphaelites, actress, singer and scandalous mistress to royalty. Later became a winemaker, horse racer, and Lady De Bathe. Yes, there is a town in Texas named after her but she never actually went there!
  • Madame Jenny Lind - Opera singer, the "Swedish Nightingale"


  • Benjamin Disraeli - Author, politician, romantic. Member of Parliament and founder of the modern British Conservative party. Devoted and loving husband to Mary Anne.
  • Mary Anne Disraeli - Direct and plainspoken, her uninhibited remarks often scandalized proper Victorians. She was an invaluable editor of her husband's many books and his tireless supporter.
  • Sir Thomas Wade - Her Majesty's Ambassador to China.


  • Barbara Leigh Smith Bodichon - Social reformer, co-editor of the English Woman's journal, Co-founder Girton College, the first university college for women. Champion of women's rights to education, the right to work, the right to keep wages, the right to property ownership after marriage. "The only valid reason against enfranchisement for women is her lack of education, thus, I've funded and opened a college for women."
  • Angela Burdett-Coutts - She is concerned about the poor, and progress in science and exploration, and she has inherited the money to make changes happen. She and Charles Dickens, a good friend, opened a house for fallen women. She was the first woman made a Baroness on her own merit.
  • Josephine Butler - A gifted speaker and charismatic feminist and social reformer, she co-founded three women’s rights groups, including the Married Women's Property Committee which pressured parliament into changing the legal doctrine of coverture, in which a married woman has no legal rights separate from her those of her husband.
  • Jane, Lady Franklin - World traveler and English reformer. She gained international fame for her relentless efforts to locate and rescue her husband's Arctic expedition.
  • Caroline Norton, Lady Grantley - Known for her use of social and political connections to influence the passing of the Custody of Infants Act and Matrimonial Causes Act. Currently levying pressure for the passage of the Married Women's Property Act. Even though she believes in social equality, she believes women are inferior to men as ordained by God.
  • Sara Parker Remond - Transatlantic abolitionist and reformer; trained in nursing.
  • Harriet Sutherland-Leveson-Gower, Duchess of Sutherland - Active in the protest of English ladies against American slavery. Mistress of Robes to the Queen.

Royal Navy

  • Captain Lord Charles Beresford GCVO, CB, RN - Valiant at the siege of Alexandria and the support of Gordon at Khartoum, son of the Marquess of Waterford; nephew of Lady Waterford.
  • Captain Andrew Kennedy Bickford CMG, RN - Career naval officer, diplomat, and defender of Empire. A stalwart believer in the development and evolution of new technologies to further the supremacy of the Royal Navy.
  • Rear Admiral Sir John E. Commerell KCB, VC, RN - Just received orders to proceed to the Mediterranean to assume Second in Command of the Mediterranean Fleet. He is well liked in the court.
  • Captain Sir William Hewett KCB, VC, RN - Former commander of the South Africa Station.
  • Rear Admiral Sir Arthur Hood KCB, RN - Director of Naval Ordinance at the Admiralty. Naval reformer and progressive. A strong supporter of technical training and an advocate of the abolishment of flogging in the Navy. Assigned to command of HMS Monarch come the New Year.
  • Lord Vice Admiral Sir Richard Meade KCB, KCMG, ADC, RN - Commander of the Channel Fleet, the Queen’s principal aide-de-camp. Long time Adventurers Club member. Appreciates his naval rank more than his earldom. “A sailor’s sailor.”
  • Rear Admiral Sir George Wellesley KCB, RN - Superintendent of the Dockyards at Portsmouth. Nephew of the famous Iron Duke, the Duke of Wellington. Promoted to Captain at the Age of 30 in 1844, one of the youngest men to be put on the Captain's List at the time.

Science & Mathematics

  • Michael Faraday - Natural Philosopher in Physics and Chemistry; made the first working electric motor and generator.
  • Francis Galton - Polymath, Statistician, Scientist, Geographer, Explorer, World Traveller, Author, Reformer and Freemason. Only 33 years young, this independently wealthy fellow is out to measure, test, and analyze all that exists upon the Earth, so that we might understand our world and our place in it.
  • Ada Lovelace - Countess, mathematician, scientist, daughter of Lord Byron, worked on the Analytical Engine with Charles Babbage, credited as the creator of the first computer program. Called the "Enchantress of Numbers."
  • James Clerk Maxwell - Scottish mathematical physicist who focused on electricity and magnetism, light, the viscosity of gasses, the human perception of color, and the dynamic analysis of structures.
  • Ida Laura Pfeiffer - World traveler, botanist and entomologist; visited San Francisco, in 1850.
  • Edward Routh - Later to be known as the father of control systems engineering, Edward Routh studied under the direction of Augustus De Morgan the at University College London. Presently a scholar of mathematics at Peterhouse College, Cambridge, Mr Routh is both a rival and colleague to James Clerk Maxwell.
  • H.G. Wells - Scientist, futurist, and writer of The War of the Worlds and The Time Machine. Created the genre of 'Science Fiction' coupled with 'Social Responsibility.'

Technology & Industry

  • Robert Stephenson - Railroad civil and mechanical engineer. Designer of the "Rocket" locomotive that was a major change in engine design.

Adventurers Club Household Staff

  • Henry Embleton - Steward of the Adventurers Club, dining etiquette maven and volunteer instructor for the Metropolitan Association for the Befriending of Young Servants (MABYS).
  • Emily Shepherd - Housekeeper for the Adventurers Club for the last 18 years.
  • Phillip Hoade - Under Butler of the Adventurers Club.
  • Mollie Ollallieberrie - Head parlour-maid at The Adventurers Club. Former employment: Maid-of-all-work for the Wardle family, Dingley Dell. Packer and sorter at Mister Fezziwig's Warehouse.
  • Helen Smith - Parlour-maid.
  • Sallie Ann Porter - Parlour-maid.
  • Nellie Wickham - Parlour-maid.