Advanz Industrial - Oil and Gas Filtration

Advanz Industrial Canada is an industry leader in the field of oil and natural gas filtration. We have created an indelible mark in the industry with sheer dedication and commitment to quality. Since our inception, we have been providing high-quality solutions for intricate oil filtration, natural gas filtration, natural gas treatment, crude and refined oil, separators, and strainers in Canada, United States, and across the world.

Advanz’s mission is to provide high-quality filtration equipment and other replacement elements according to the client’s needs.

Our cost-effective solutions are used in a variety of industries such as gas and oil filtration, refining, gasoline, natural gas filters, crude oil, diesel fuel, petrochemical, power generation, manufacturing, chemical, water, and food & beverages. We have all the ASME, US and Canada stamp and certifications that speak volumes about the quality of services we deliver.

Advanz brings with it rich global experience and extensive infrastructure to provide custom solutions for different industries. The team at Advanz is highly professional and committed to delivering in a timely manner.

Oil and Natural Gas Filtration Solutions

Let’s briefly take a look at the different types of oil and natural gas filtration solutions offered by Advanz Industrial Canada.

Strainers: The strainers are the first equipment used in the filtration process of oil, natural gas, or any fluid that move in the pipelines. At Advanz, you can find all the possible configurations such as simplex, duplex, Y-strainers, T-strainers, and automatics.

Separators: The separators are used for removing the larger liquid particles such as water and hydrocarbons from natural gas. The raw natural gas stream is forced into a separator using various mechanisms, and a mesh pad or vane pack help in removing the liquid impurities.

Coalescers: The coalescers are used in the last stage of filtration and conditioning of natural gas to convert it into a usable form. They are designed to help in removing the smallest solid and liquid particles from natural gas.

Replacement elements: Advanz supplies a plethora of replacement elements needed in the filtration process of oil and natural gas. Some of the main replacement elements are air filters, filter cartridges, straining elements, coalescing filter and separator elements.


We have partnered with OEM Original Equipment Manufacturers to assert our presence across the world. The team behind Advanz is fully equipped to assist you with your projects from the point of conception to its realization. Besides providing filtration equipment, we also specialize in accessing the current mode of operation and offer the best replacement filter elements.

If you would like to learn more about products offered by us, we would like to hear from you. Tell us about your filtration needs in detail by contacting us today.