Working with Guidance Counselors and Students to Improve the College Selection Process

Advantage Point Overview

  • Advantage Point gives the user, at whatever level, the ability to quickly and easily view and compare comprehensive datasets, allowing student and counselor to measure performance and identify the best fit among schools.

  • The product ships with pre-loaded reliable data from nationally-recognized sources, enabling schools to quickly implement without extensive technical help.

  • Advantage Point encourages the discovery of college choices outside the typical search range, expanding the list of schools from which students may choose.

  • Advantage Point features multi-level college search tools. The first level guides students to search from a set of summary-level criteria that reflect their initial preferences. Once the preliminary college list is compiled from these preferences,the tools branch to detailed comparisons of these preliminary college choices based on selectivity measures, outcomes, pricing and financial aid. This level of detailed comparison enables students to refine and finalize their ultimate college list.

  • Advantage Point provides a set of graphic tools to compare current students with prior graduating classes for metrics including acceptance, costs, debt and outcomes. This provides a unique insight into college selection.