A range of ready-mix products to save you time,

without compromising on quality with Natural ingredients.

The perfect products for your kitchen and outdoors.

Our products are different in everything we do lovingly made by hand using all-natural ingredients. This is why it is of unmeasurable quality in both texture and taste.

Right down to the last little bit. Pre- Mixes made easy.

Everyday more people enjoy a treat from the Gourmet Cravings range of artisan products. The perfect products for your kitchen and outdoors. Some of South Africa's favourite Mixes. Quick Easy baking and difficult to flop. Kids can bake too.

What we Offer.

We offer a range of delicious Pre-mixes, baking kits, Spices, Infused Sea salt Grinders, Braai Rub's, Honey, honey sachets & treats, whether you use it in your kitchen or the great outdoors when camping hiking be assure, you will have more time available for your leisure when you making use of our easy to use products, some our products are also formulated for emergency food storage at times when you need it the most.

All our Dehydrated herbs, fruits and vegetables use in our products are dehydrated to eliminate the need for refrigeration and to ensure maximum freshness with a prolong shelf life and almost no nutritional lost. You can enjoy your nutritional products effortlessly wherever you are.

Food Preservation:

Vegetables, fruits & herbs are an important part of a healthy diet and Food preservation is our business. We only use natural products in our range of GOURMET PRODUCTS Non-GMO and clear from toxins and Gluten, fruit & vegetables are source at their best quality from reputable suppliers/farmers, and only the best is good enough for our food preservation process. We are providing the food industry with quality, affordable and healthy dried products with a high focus on our customers needs, therefore we make our Products available according to customer requests whether in granules, Powder or special request.

Natural Products:

Our Products are Dehydrated and crushed into smaller granules or fine powder form which are light weight and reduce the burden of storage and expensive cooling methods, our products contain no added colourants,preservatives to preserve the food, we only use natural ingredients to preserve our products Naturally, hence we add value to our range of products.

Dehydrated Benefits

No MSG, No GMO, No wheat or preservatives added - No artificial colours or flavours - Pure dehydrated vegetables, fruits & herbs - suitable for vegetarians.

  • 100% Percent Natural Raw food with lots of vitamins, minerals, proteins and Natural enzymes.
  • Food can be hydrated again
  • Prevents the growth of micro forms such as bacteria
  • Almost no nutrition lost
  • No preservatives added
  • No Chemicals added
  • Taste are highly concentrated
  • Lightweight and easy storing take up lesser space
  • Excellent food storage
  • Extended Shelf Life


Our products can be stored for exceptional lengths of time with a shelf life between 1-2 years provided they are properly sealed and stored out of direct sunlight and moisture.


ADVANCED Leisure Foods products are ideally for daily use, storage for emergency Food supply, camping, hotels, catering the usage is unlimited or simply use it for those leisure days with fresh natural products at your fingertips. Our focus on our nutritional packs are design for the above needs. OUR SHEF SAY! Food Preservation! Is key.


All our products are bar coded with manufacturing, expiry dates and batch numbers.

Contact information:

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