Before the Video (After Goal Sharing)

  • I have a verification form that I need to fill to confirm the appointment. Do you mind if I ask a few questions?


  • Our company is a proud member of the Direct Selling Association, which means we subscribe to a high standard of ethics. In addition, we don't do any telemarketing or door-to-door sales, which means I only work off of referrals.

  • There's also a sponsorship you can help me out with, without having to buy anything AT ALL. It's based off recommending others. So hopefully if you enjoy the appointment, you wouldn't mind introducing me to some family and friends at the end!

Build Credibility - Pause at 2:40

  • As the video said, since 1949, all Cutco knives have been handcrafted in the United States in our factory in New York.

  • We have over 17 million customers, putting the product in over 1 out of 8 homes in America.

  • You may have seen Cutco featured on TV on the Food Network, or programs like Modern Marvels, Made in America, How It's Made, and Dr. Phil. It's even featured in the White House. President Reagan gifted a Cutco Set to the Soviet President in the 80's as an example of high quality American-made product.

  • Cutco is also a proud producer of many KA-BAR Knives, used by both military and law enforcement agents.


  • The best thing about Cutco is our Forever Guarantee. You can pass it down generation to generation.

  • As a review, if anything goes wrong with your Cutco, just send it back to the factory and the company will fix or replace it for free.

  • Whenever your Cutco needs sharpening, just send it back and it will be sharpened for free.

  • The most important part is the 3-week risk free money-back guarantee. If you're not satisfied for ANY reason at all, just send it back and get a full refund.

  • So, if you think that MIGHT like Cutco, you can TRY IT OUT, and if you don't love it, send it back and get a FULL REFUND! But when you do, you'll have it forever and so will your kids!

Build Need - Pause at 4:20 (SOUND DISGUSTED)

  • As said in the video, most people have the world's most expensive set of knives!

  • The average knife set is designed to last 2 years, so most households waste a ton of money replacing cheap knives over and over. The average family will waste $1,500-$3,000 replacing their cheap Walmart knives over and over throughout their life.

  • A dull knife is more dangerous than a sharp one because you have to push harder.


  • Wood handles absorb bacteria, grease, and germs and retain odors. The University of Wisconsin did a study and found more bacteria in one wood handle than a public toilet bowl!

  • Plastic handles are usually cheaply constructed, so they melt, chip, crack and break. They are slippery when wet, is extremely dangerous. One of the most common reasons for ER visits is knife accidents.


  • Carbon Steel is strong but it rusts and corrodes. Stainless Steel looks good but it's a soft metal so it won't stay sharp. Cheap knives use the same type of steel found in disposable razor blades which is why people waste so much money replacing dull knives over and over.

Build Value - Pause at 5:10 (SOUND CALM & SOFT)

  • We have 5 features that make Cutco the World's Finest Set of Cutlery.

  • The FIRST FEATURE is our UNIVERSAL WEDGELOCK HANDLE, which fits any size hand. It was designed by industrial designer Thomas Lamb, who studied over 700 pairs of hands. Lamb also designed polio crutches and bicycle handle bars. Because of this, we're the only knives endorsed by the American Arthritis Association. This makes Cutco more expensive but it's worth it because it's comfortable and safe.

  • The SECOND FEATURE is our THERO-RESIN HANDLE, which won't chip or crack. This is the highest quality plastic used in any manufacturing. It's an expensive material to use, but it's worth it because it's dishwasher safe and sanitary.

  • The THIRD FEATURE is our FULL TANG CONSTRUCTION, meaning that the blade goes all the way through the length of the handle, which is more expensive but worth it. The knife has THREE NICK-SILVER RIVETS that stay completely flush with the knife handle, keeping it strong and sanitary.

  • The FOURTH FEATURE is our High-Carbon Surgical Stainless Steel. This steel is expensive, but it is the highest quality steel used in cutlery.

  • The FIFTH FEATURE is our most famous! It's our exclusive "Stay-Sharp" DOUBLE-D EDGE discussed in the video. This is one of the reasons that each knife can stay sharp up to 10 years, and can still be re-sharpened!