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Where to Meet Women

Several men actually make a big mistake in thinking that the answer to the query of where to meet women is the bar, the pub, or the club. Why is it a mistake? Because, quite simply, most women—especially women worth your while—do not consider these locations in their list of where to meet good men. This means that even if you do get a number while at the bar, the chances are high that this number could be incorrect or from a women who may not be ideal for you.

Most women admit to being wary of handing out their real numbers to men who approach them in such places. This could be due to the belief that men who frequent these places are not very likely to make for good partners in relationships. Nonetheless, there are actually better places where to meet women and you might be surprised at some of these suggestions.


Cooking Classes

The first answer to the question of where to meet women is one that might cause a lot of men to shy away. You can meet a lot of great women at cooking classes. Women are more relaxed in this setting. This is why they may have their guard down when it comes to men they meet in a simulated kitchen setting. Furthermore, one of the most sensual flirting activities is readily available here; feeding each other samples of your cooking. Women also find men who cook to be very sexy. So consider these things first before rejecting this idea.


The next great place to meet women is at the local art museum. Many women frequent museums to satisfy their aesthetic urges and are very receptive to conversation introduced by other museum-goers about a particular piece. However, you need to be sure that you have read up on your art. Women typically go to museums because they actually know their art, not because they want to impress someone with limited knowledge.

Grocery Store

The grocery store is another excellent place for where to meet women. This is because women like to have a bit of friendly conversation when participating in household chores. It is also considered attractive for a man to look as though he actually knows his way around the grocery store and not just the meat section. You can even initiate a quick conversation by offering your insights for particular food items or by asking for advice.


Finally, one of the best replies to the question of where to meet women is the hardware store. Surprising as it may seem, a lot of single women actually go to hardware stores. They often need some help making their way around if they are planning to complete a task for the first time. You can offer your assistance if you see a woman starting to look lost in some sections of the shop.

These are just some of the places where to meet women. You can also try many other unusual venues like the romance section of video rental stores. Wherever you choose to go, just be sure to look friendly and be charming when initiating the conversation. There are several places where to meet women and it is up to you to frequent them.