Career Overview/Summary

Business Consulting, Brokerage & M&A

Extensive experience in Start-Ups, Mergers, Acquisitions and business transfers for a variety of business types including healthcare, hospitality, technology, retail , etc. Ability to structure complex transactions and keen understanding of commercial financing as relates to this process. Experience with commercial financing of both real estate and business enterprises. Successful brokerage of many businesses and financial transactions as well as assistance with mergers, acquisitions and divestitures of healthcare and behavioral healthcare organizations.

General Business Operations Consulting to numerous business types in the areas of: Management, Operations, Finance, Human Resources, Licensing and Marketing.

Counseling, Education, and Training

Develop and implement all required training and human resource oversight at multiple facilities and businesses. Supervise and train Counselors, Medical Assistants, Nurses, Case Managers, Client Administrators, Volunteers, and Interns. Develop and implement training/educational protocols and curricula for Federal and State Certified programs. Provide: Consensus Facilitation, Conflict Resolution and Critical Incident Debriefing Services to public & private clients. Train health providers on Medicare/Medicaid, HIPAA, licensing regulations, standards, and medical protocols. Provided psychological counseling, training, testing, tutoring, diagnoses, and research in varied social service settings and educational systems. Provided education and treatment to adults, children, disabled, mentally ill, homeless, offenders, substance abusing, and dually diagnosed. Developed, implemented, and teach training seminars & workshops. Provided educational courses, and human resources related content to client staff at multiple locations.

Provide Support Services to DOD Military Personnel through Humana Military Contract in the areas of counseling and general health matters. Provide assistance to military personnel in securing medical services and improving access to healthcare throughout Tricare South Region. Experience with DOD/Tricare Systems and data models.

Written and Oral Communication

Develop and present monthly financial and operational reports, annual summary reports, and community presentations. Presented multi-media, formal reports and lectures in both small and large groups. Frequent guest lecturer to organizations requiring expertise in the field. Practice exemplary business methods and savvy marketing skills in public and community relations. Direct all aspects of national corporate contacts. Produce published writing and editing. Provided Consensus facilitation across 75 government technical experts. Conducted the analysis and produced “White Paper” for Commissioner’s office and Legislative Oversight Committee. Authored numerous texts and manuals for healthcare operations including Complete policies & procedures, Safety/Disaster, and operating manuals for the following: Intermediate Care Facilities (ICF/MR) Comprehensive Outpatient Rehabilitation Facilities (CORF), Community Mental Health Centers (CMHC), Home Health Agencies (HHA), and Sleep Labs/Centers (IDTF). Demonstrated ability to write on an variety of topics including prose,verse, technical and philosophical.

Technology Related

Experienced in computer software, systems and commercial business applications (Word, Excel, Internet, Power Point, Front Page, Publisher, Access, etc.). Knowledge of basic computer networking and wireless networking technology. Experience with development and implementation of small custom software including: proprietary scoring & interpretation software, billing & office management systems. Experience with internet technology and website development, management & promotion. Basic knowledge of and experience with e-commerce. LAN, WAN, WAP, etc.

Experience with internet technology and website development, management & promotion. Basic knowledge of and experience with e-commerce. Knowledgeable and comfortable with all levels of social media and internet based marketing as well as utilization of industry specific resources. HMHS, CICSI, TRIAP, etc.

Healthcare Management

Developed, through certification and licensure, over 70 comprehensive health & human services organizations. Develop original healthcare, social service, and educational programs. Provide all staff training and manage multiple departments, programs, projects and presentations while meeting all required corporate financial targets. Design and Implementation of Disaster Planning initiatives for various facility types including: Mental Health Centers, Rehab Agencies, and Home & Community Based Services Programs.

Demonstrate leadership and management qualities. Effectively manage short-range action and long-term planning while implementing strategic planning goals. Established and maintain vital multi-county, inter-agency relationships and contracts. Direct all aspects of training, budgeting, scheduling, program development, and operations. Conduct all day-to-day operations. Provide direct training and supervision to line staff, support and administrative staff, Physicians, Physical/ Occupational / Speech/ Respiratory Therapists, Medical Assistants, Nurses, Counselors, Case Managers, Coordinators, Managers, Leads, Interns, Temporary Staff, and Volunteers. Work closely with Physicians, Judges, County and State Administrators, Federal Agency Contacts, and Principals. Implement and follow Federal, State, County, and Accreditation Regulations and Standards. Define and develop necessary policies, procedures, and protocols.

Management of multi-site/multiple facilities and shared network resources. Reduced overhead by outsourcing contracts, retraining staff, and streamlining operations. Audit and review for private investor Health Facilities acquisition. Design and Implementation of Marketing and Physician Relations Programs. Business Development Consulting for Diagnostic Imaging, Physical Medicine, and Behavioral Health and Sleep Medicine. Developed & Managed 7- facility Provider Network for Facility, Home Care & Community Based Physical & Psychological Rehabilitation Services-Serving the Developmentally Disabled. Represented Florida Providers regarding issues of Intermediary/Carrier Local Medical Review Policy and State/Federal regulatory issues.

Experience in commercial real estate and equipment financing and financial management. Oversight of clinical service delivery and facilities in over 35 residential programs.

Development and management of wide array of Medical and Behavioral Health Facilities in multiple states. Certification of healthcare facilities with 100% certification success rate.

Design and development of mental Health and Substance Abuse programs on national scale with oversight of multi-facility roll outs and management of project teams.