Important Dates:

• Paper submission deadline: Jun 8, 2017

• Notification of paper acceptance: July 6, 2017

• Camera-ready papers and registration: July 30, 2017

Emerging technology continues to progress, people demand more and more diverse science and technology. The word “Innovation” becomes the main reason of various of things’ being invented, improved, and created. In the process of doing research, the use and mastery of research tools is a crucial factor. As for the field of Information Education, learning software is the most important key to open the door of research.

With the evolution of time, learning-related applications continue to refine and update, and a variety of innovative learning software is also constantly being designed and developed. It is an important research topic and direction in current and in the future to find ways to design, develop and apply the abundant innovative and diverse software so as to make the software itself more perfect, more complete and more useful. What’s more, it also makes it easier for users to put it into practice. Moreover, as the learning software continuously innovates and develops, learning modes and strategies are constant innovated and changed as well. Knowledge transfers from one-way to two-way interactive communication, and the teachers’ role changes from the active knowledge providers to the passive counselors and guides. It has prompted the increasing improvement and enhancement of "Flip learning", "Ubiquitous learning" and "Seamless learning" in the learning environment. Therefore, it is a crucial and important research direction and issue in the field of Information Education to incorporate learning software with teaching so as to design different teaching methods and find out the appropriate teaching strategies to achieve the improvement and enhancement of learning efficiency.

We found “Application and Design of Innovative Learning Software” workshop, and invite researchers, professors and students to share the research achievements, application cases, teaching strategies and relevant experimental analysis of designing and implementing of various emerging learning software. Through mutual exchanges and discussions, it is expected to create renewed development strategies and a new era for the field. We cordially welcome all papers regarding application and design of innovative learning software.

Workshop chair

Ming-chang Wu

National Yunlin University of Science and Technology

Ting-ting Wu

National Yunlin University of Science and Technology

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