Frequently Asked Questions

What is this event? What is it for?

The ADN Homecoming is an event to bring AlDub Nation together as one family, regardless of affiliations.

It aims to celebrate the friendships formed through the years and at the same time give an opportunity for more ALDUB fans to meet their co-fans.

It is an event for ADN by ADN.

When, where, what time, and how much is the fee for this event?

Date: October 21, 2018

Venue: Function Hall 5, SMX Convention Center, Pasay City

Time: Registration will begin at 10 am.

Doors will open at 12 noon.

The activities and program proper will be from 1 pm to 8 pm.

Registration Fee: P850 (inclusive of food and souvenir)

Are fan clubs, fan groups, and one sided fans welcome to the event?

Everyone who loves Alden and Maine is welcome to join the event. However, we respectfully ask that you come as you are and in the spirit of love and respect, not just for Maine and Alden, but for your co-fans as well. We aim to promote solidarity in ADN and maintain neutrality in the event, so bringing of tarps, signs, and wearing uniforms/FC shirts or anything that will define your affiliation will not be allowed. Anyone or any group who will violate will be refused entry or will be escorted out. Paid tickets will not be refunded.

Can non-ALDUB fans attend the event?

Unfortunately, no. This event is for ADN by ADN.

Is there age limit for this event?

Children below 7 years old will not be allowed to attend the event for safety and security reasons. 7 to 12 year olds may attend but should be accompanied by an adult, 21 years or older. All attendees, regardless of age will have to register and pay the full fee.

Will Alden and Maine attend the event?

As much as we would love to have Alden and Maine to join us, we cannot guarantee their attendance.

They are very busy individuals, however, we will exert all efforts to invite them to come home as well.

Who are the organizers of this event?

The organizers of this event are:

P @Pandita0314

Cati @cati_21

Tinay @tinadl

Jing @Ms_Maiden07

Isy @isy1619

Mel @RM020316

Sha @panotsha

When is the registration?

Registration officially opened on Sunday, June 3rd.

The last batch is currently open and will officially close ton Saturday, September 8th.

Registration is on a first come, first served basis.

Can I just walk in at the event on October 21?

Unfortunately, you will have to be pre-registered to join the event, as very limited slots are available.

We will announce on Twitter of circumstances change.

Is there a way I can register for the VIP section?

No. This is a general admission event.

Seats are on first come first served basis.

Since this will be an interactive event, seats are not guaranteed for all (except for Seniors and PWDs).

The hall is carpeted, however, and attendees may hang around picnic style.

What if I paid already but didn't have a chance to go back to the form to register?

Any payment made with no corresponding registration will go to donations.

Please make sure to check our updates on Twitter first BEFORE making a payment to make sure there are still slots and that the registration is still open. Once you've made a payment, immediately fill up the form to secure your slot.

In the event that slots get filled and registration closes the moment you pay (while at the bank, etc) and you are not able to access the forms anymore, do not panic.

Please contact us immediately so we may assist you and make a form available for you.

Payments made a day/days after we close the registration will go to donations.

What does the "ADN Students" part of the Slots Pie Chart mean?

On June 3rd, we opened via Twitter a special registration form for high school and college students of ADN, who wish to attend the Homecoming but need more time to save up for the fee. This gave them a chance to sign up without immediate payment. Because of limited slots, the form filled up just a few hours after its release and is now officially closed.

These are the slots under the ADN Students part of the pie chart, which are filled but not due for payment until August 31 and will therefore be made available to everyone if they remain unpaid after this deadline.

Can I transfer my slot to someone else?

We will allow transfer of slots between September 1 to 15 ONLY.

We will not be able to transfer slots after that.

Will there be food served?

Snacks will be served. We recommend that the attendees have breakfast and/or heavy lunch before going to the event.

Is there a dress code?

Yes. Wear something casual and comfortable, so you can move freely and mingle around.

Your most comfortable jeans, top, and sneakers are recommended.

FC shirt/uniform and other shirts/accessories that will define your affiliation,

including shirts that define the year when you became a fan, will not be allowed

in the spirit of neutrality and equality amongst everyone.

Sleepwear, gym attire, skimpy attire, and flip flops are not allowed.

Violators of the dress code will not be allowed entry or will be escorted out of the venue.

What can I expect from this event?

ADN Homecoming will be a fun, interactive event.

Expect lots of bonding moments with your fandom friends, old and new.

Be ready to move a lot and mingle.

It will be a family reunion of sorts with fun games and activities where everyone can join, AlDub/MaiChard related merchandise and exhibit booths, music, dancing, and other surprises.

Who can I contact for further information regarding the event?

You may tweet or send a direct message to us at @ADNHomecoming

You may tag or send a private message to us on Instagram at @adnhomecomingofficial

Like and comment in our Facebook Page

or email us at