Welcome to Adnan Debs' Investment Portfolio


Hello, my name is Adnan Debs, and I have created this website to share my trades, investments, and market commentaries with you.

This website aims to provide insights and recommendations for stocks to trade and invest in. With an understanding of the markets, I identify promising opportunities and share them with those looking to build their portfolios. I offer analysis and commentary on each recommendation, helping you understand the factors behind my choices and make informed decisions. At the end of each year, I will also provide a summary of my performance.

Furthermore, I offer commentaries on various economic and market news, providing different insights and perspectives.

I'm also currently registered to sit for the CFA Level 1 Examination scheduled for November 14, 2024.

Contact Details:

Email: adnan.debs04@gmail.com

LinkedIn: LinkedIn Profile

Investment Strategy

I'm a swing trader who utilizes technical analysis combined with macroeconomics. My strategy revolves around identifying stocks that have recently experienced sell-offs, which I believe are unjustified and driven by misconception. Essentially, I try to capitalize on situations where I believe my understanding of a stock's potential surpasses the prevailing narrative behind its recent decline. Following that, I use technical analysis to find the optimal entry point and to confirm the shift in the stock's price momentum. I aim to hold most of my swing trades for a few days to several weeks. 

I will also share my stock picks intended to be held for the long term, which you can view on the dedicated page of this website.