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How to Choose the Perfect Choker

A choker is a style of necklace that sits higher up on the neck. This necklace is meant to provide a somewhat snug fit around the circumference of the neck which is why it gets its name. Choker necklaces have risen in popularity lately and more and more women are wearing them for both casual and more formal looks. Knowing how to choose a choker from will allow individuals to find the shopping process much easier and more successful.

How to Choose the Right Choker Necklace

Before getting started on the shopping process, it helps for individuals to know their neck size. Although many chokers are adjustable, knowing the right size to purchase is essential for preventing the choker from looking more like a drop necklace instead of lying at the right spot on the neck. The circumference of the neck should be measured in the mid portion of the neck since this is usually the area where the choker will lie when being worn.

It is also important a woman knows the length of her neck before she purchases a choker. Women with longer necks can afford to wear chunkier chokers, but women with shorter necks should consider purchasing a daintier, thinner choker to create a more attractive look. Choosing the right width will highlight a woman's face shape and bring out her best features, instead of detracting from them.

While choker necklaces rose in popularity in the nineties, they are making a big comeback. Women once wore black velvet chokers with small pendants, but now this look is available in metal, offering a unique option for those who want to relieve that time period. The following are some of the most popular choker styles .

Personalized name chokers

Multi-stone chokers

Stone tennis chokers

Chain link chokers

Charm chokers

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