Ian Adelstein

Yale University


Ian Adelstein is a Lecturer and Associate Research Scientist in the Mathematics Department at Yale University.  

He is also part of the Applied Math program where he serves as Associate Director of Undergraduate Studies. 

He directs the SUMRY REU program and is a member of the Yale Institute for Foundations of Data Science


Ian works in geometric manifold learning with the Krishnaswamy Lab at Yale. Here are some recent papers:

He also works in geometric analysis using variational methods to study closed geodesics. Here is a selection of additional papers:

Here is my arxiv page.  Here is my CV.

I organized Sampling Theory and Applications (SampTA) at Yale.

I organized a workshop on Geometric and Topological Methods in Data Science at ICERM. 

I gave an invited talk at the 2020 Virtual Workshop on Ricci and Scalar Curvature

I organized a workshop on Filling Volumes, Geodesics, and Intrinsic Flat Convergence at Yale.

Undergraduate Research 

I am the director of the SUMRY REU  program at Yale. I have led projects in both manifold learning and surface geometry.  

Here are a few papers appropriate for an undergraduate student:


I am a passionate educator and create an engaging and inclusive classroom when I teach.  I employ active pedagogy and have a dynamic teaching style that is adaptable to diverse students, classrooms, and material. I've enjoyed teaching across the undergraduate mathematics curriculum, and have a strong belief that when math is taught in an engaging and inclusive environment every student is capable of learning and success. 

If you are a student, please stop by my office KT 815 anytime; if you are an educator, I am always excited to chat about teaching.