Lounge Makeover!

As a part of Teacher Appreciation Week (May 6-10, 2019)

we are going to do a MAKEOVER of the Teacher's Lounge!

It is in dire need... take a look a these photos below...

Here is how YOU can help (if you so choose!)

1. Register for any item on our Target Registry:


Have items delivered or purchase at your next Target run and bring them into the school office.

2. Gift money of any amount (to the office) and we'll apply it towards larger purchases like:

12 Herman Miller Limerick Stacking Chairs (only $35 each).

A second refrigerator

Butcher Block Shelves

3. Do you have any of the following items you'd be willing to donate?


Basic White Refrigerator

Oven (Electric)

Neutral Area Rug

Contractor work to do a few small repairs like filling holes in wall, etc.

If so, please contact Marie at marie@mclarkphotography.com.

Ada Vista Teacher Lounge Updates.pdf