Geo-referencing historical groundwater maps to compute district-level aquifer coverage in India.

Using a convolutional neural network to count center-pivot irrigation in the Great Plains.

HYV crop adoption and electoral outcomes across Indian districts over time.

Buffer zones around pre-colonial capitals and remote-sensing measures of contemporary agricultural output in Africa.

Computing corruption potential in land administration units (Tehsils) across India based on volume of rural-to-urban land transactions estimated from night lights and high-resolution satellite imagery.

Digitizing and geo-coding historical data on banditry in India.

Computing GIS-based measures of clarity of political responsibility across rural development administrative units in India.

Support among MPs for Parliament in the English Civil War and the size of the rural middle class estimated from geo-referenced, handwritten historical wills.

Measuring and geo-coding Maoist conflict violence in India from vernacular press sources.