CY-SHIELD: An Open Source Lightweight Cyber Threat Sharing Platform

Dr. Adarsh Kumar (PI), Dr. Alok Aggarwal (Co-PI) and Dr. Neelu Ahuja (Co-PI)

Sponsor: UPES SEED Division (Project Grant ID:UPES/R&D/180918/14 )

The main objective of this research project is to develop a platform for cyber threat intelligence and to discover existing and new cyberattacks, and share their information in a community.

The other objectives are:

      • To establish a common ontology for designing and developing cyber threat collector/sensor.
      • To design, develop and implement a cyber-threat collector/sensor for collecting raw data.
      • To apply data enrichment and data analytics for detecting and assessing cyberthreats, their motives, targeted resources and attack methodologies.
      • Further, this project will design and develop a novel community model for sharing threat intelligence and countermeasures.

Funded by:

This project has received funding from the UPES SEED Division. (Project Grant ID: UPES/R&D/180918/14 )