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Welcome to our craft page. We offer products ranging from wood crafts, painted barn quilts, and metal products.

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After using the clothespins I got from my mom, (some of which were about 40 years old and showing their age) I had to find replacements.

Unfortunately, the only ones I found were cheaply made imported ones that were made from inferior materials.

I found a supplier of quality, made in the USA springs and plans for the pins.

My pins are made from either Hard Maple, Ash, or Birch. They have a simple mineral oil finish. They are larger than the imported ones and most importantly, they hold clothes on the line.

Dimensions of the pins are 3 1/2" Long, 1" high, and 7/16" thick.

They are $2 each plus shipping. Your choice of wood as supply lasts.

Please contact me through email at:

If you have a barn or a building that needs a little color, consider a barn quilt.

Barn quilts can be a traditional design or a personal design. The barn on the top of the page and the shed above have 3 examples of traditional designs. The barn has a North Star in the center and a Jacob's Ladder on the right. The shed has a 4 Arrows. The barn also has a US Army 3rd Division emblem on the left. (A personal design to honor a grandfather who served in WWI. ) The large quilt is 8'x 8' and is patterned after a double ring quilt that was a wedding gift to my in-laws.

Since each quilt is different, prices also will vary.

Metal products - Coming Soon.

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Gene Adams

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