Laughing Helps Us

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“Promise me you won’t think of me differently….” That’s how I have had to introduce most of these 40 stories to my friend Ted Mutti (mentor and motivator). That’s also the last proper name I will write. I need to protect the innocent. Besides, I didn’t get their permission to write about them....


  • Youthful indiscretions

  • Trouble with ladies

  • Police encounters

  • Gluttony

  • Growing up 80's

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A Realtor®, Banker, & Inspector walk into a parents' basement...

When Alex has had enough of living in his parents’ basement, a friend refers him to a set of professionals; a Realtor®, a Banker and an Inspector. They take Alex out of the basement and help him navigate the rocky road to home ownership in OwnLandia. Trying to get to closing before his wedding day, he learns to listen and trust the wisdom from his three new friends.

Although the path has twist and turns, hills and valleys,

....the Resource Experts assist Alex every step of the way.

Recommended for:

• First-time home-buyers

• First-year Real Estate agents

• For Sale By Owners (thinking about using a Realtor®)

anyone wishing to understand the home-buying process a little more in depth.

Using true-to-life scenarios, learn what to expect and what to avoid, as you journey into your OwnLandia.

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The Boss Toss

Coming 2022

Work by 1099, not 9-5.....


How the American Jeep
Helped defeat Hitler

Today’s popular Jeep Wrangler did not start out as a mainstream recreational vehicle. As the world watched Germany’s Hitler conquer neighboring nations in the late 1930’s, America preemptively began looking at ways to beat Hitler’s aggressive war machine in Europe. The Jeep was born from a request of United States military leaders who needed a light reconnaissance 4x4 vehicle for the conflict in Europe and northern Africa. Karl Probst, lead engineer at the now defunct American Bantam Car Company...(read more)

Excerpt from College English 2 class essay....
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10 Days

By Owan Gongwer

Time is ticking as Daniel races to prove his innocence...The man who framed him is completely unknown but not done committing crimes...Daniel only has 10 days before he is punished for a crime he didn’t commit...Will he find the man who framed him in time? Or will Daniel be locked away and never be able to prove his innocence.

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