Meet the AD-24 "Grassroots" Slate

We are grassroots Democrats seeking greater local engagement and a bigger voice for the underrepresented within our Party.

We must have the critical conversations that will lead to change and listen to the voices of grassroots volunteers, who do the crucial work of precinct walking, phoning, and voter registration.

We must make our Party more inclusive and welcoming of newcomers, of people of modest means who want to give back and be involved, and of diverse voices that have been marginalized for too long.

Our Party can no longer afford to be seen as just another arm of the establishment. To reach its full potential, the Party must change. We pledge to support leaders who will fight hardest to implement the CDP's strong platform for equality, opportunity, and environmental protection. That's why we support Kimberly Ellis for CDP Chair. We must wean the Party off of the Big Money and foster stronger direct connections to the grassroots. This is how we can make our progressive agenda unstoppable.

The 24th Assembly District ‘Grassroots Slate’ is joining with similar groups throughout the state to reinvigorate the California Democratic Party so we can lead the national progressive resistance together.

We respectfully ask for your vote,

The Grassroots Slate

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How do I vote?

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Speeches at 10:30 AM

Voting starts at 11:00 AM

Be in line by 1:00 PM to vote!

Vote in person only! (Sorry! We need to fix that.)

Hillview Community Center

97 Hillview Ave, Los Altos

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