Happy Endings!

This is our favorite part: The happily ever after. We love to hear from people who have adopted from us and hear all about their new lives together. Here are just some of our success stories. Please comment below or email your success story to acworthpetcoadoptions@gmail.com.

Just wanted to share how much we LOVE our precious Poseidon. The girls lovingly call him Po or Po-Simon.

Quick update on Shasta, she's starting to listen and know what I expect from her but she does shed like crazy oh well, she's stuck with me. She got off the leash one day and wouldn't come to me at a truck stop luckily there was a lady walking by and she went up to her. That was a month ago but she's not as nervous and tends to walk close to me on leash now. Thank you for allowing me to have her.

Wheaties is a great puppy. I'm really glad we found each other. And him and my other dog are best friends.

Hi you probably don't remember us but we adopted Luka (aka Winter) Nov. 2015 at Petco. We moved to Ohio July 2017. Luka loved the snow. He is doing great and is such a lover. He and I are so connected. He is sucha good dog. Any may I add spoiled to the max. LOL just thought you'd like to know. Thank you for working with us like you did. You rescued me also! Deborah Sohn