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Kiah came to Cherokee Humane Society, Acworth GA on New Years Eve, she was scared and heavily pregnant. We took her to the vet to evaluate her pregnancy and found that she had been shot numerous times, most of her teeth had been broken, her teats were infected, and all signs pointed to the fact that she'd probably spent her life as an overbred momma. Worst of all, we found that all her babies had died in her belly. She had a C-section to remove her puppies and sent her home to foster care to recover. Physically she was healthy, but she was emotionally traumatized from losing her puppies. She was unwilling to spend any time with orphan puppies and she wouldn't eat or drink on her own until she was given several stuffed animals, which perked her up considerably. For the next six weeks, she treated those stuffed animals like babies, and we saw a huge improvement in her mood.

Kiah started acting like a real dog again - she loved going on walks, running in the backyard, and cuddling on the couch. We received an application from someone who had followed her story since we posted it in January - but she lived all the way across the country in California. It took several weeks to coordinate, but with the help of several dozen transporters and two separate transport organizations, we got her from Acworth, GA to Denver, CO, where her new mom picked her up and drove her to her new home in California.

We are so thrilled that Kiah found a family with someone who was so determined to get her home. We are also so grateful to all the people who donated towards her care and helped get her to Denver. Her new family says they have considered her their dog since they first saw her picture online, and they've been keeping us updated with pictures and stories since they got her. She's getting along well with her new sister Lucy, she is on a premium diet and has her own dog bed, and her mom likes to take daily 5 a mile walk (which Kiah absolutely loves!!). Thank you all for helping us get Kiah happy and healthy - she never has to spend another day sad, scared, hungry, or worried again.