Fostering an unwanted pet is like being an angel. You get to love someone into happiness. Many generous individuals want to help save animals, but don’t have the hearts to work at the shelter. Fostering is a great way to help save animals from the shelter who are destined to be euthanized. The requirements to be a foster home are simple.

If you have the time and space to provide a temporary loving home for either a puppy, an adult dog, kittens or a cat until permanent loving homes are found, then you qualify. Foster parents become familiar with the unique personality of their foster animal, and can provide information that can be valuable in placing the foster in their perfect ‘forever home’. What could be more rewarding than to help create a “happy ever after” ending?

Foster homes provide food, shelter and love. All vetting is provided. We also help with food and can loan crate or puppy pen. Foster homes are licensed by the Georgia Department of Agriculture and are subject to periodic inspections by the CHS license holders for the Dept. of Ag.

Be a lifesaving angel. Click here to complete an application online to foster our dogs.

Consider being a REGULAR foster

If you are a regular foster, you will take in a dog(s) and take care of the dog(s) in your home. The Cherokee Humane Society will provide food, if needed, a loaner crate or pen, and a collar with ID tag. While the pet is in your home, you agree to nurture, socialize, care for the pet, and start the training process to the best of your ability. The dog(s) will stay in foster care until adopted into a forever home. As a foster, you will bring the dog(s) to Acworth Petco each Saturday for adoptions. Drop off is at 10:50am and pick up at 4pm. If we are short on crates and you have a CHS crate, you might be asked to bring it for your foster.

Consider being a TEMPORARY foster

A temporary foster will be in charge of taking care of a particular dog(s) for a short period. You may be asked to help with transportation. For example, picking up a dog from the shelter and taking to your home. You might also be asked to take your foster to a clinic to get a Rabies shot. You will be refunded for that cost. When the dog first arrives in your home, you will need to bathe it in Dawn dish soap. The temporary foster agrees to nurture and care for the dog(s). This fostering will only be for two to three weeks and this dog(s) does not attend adoptions during this time.

Consider being a LONGER TERM foster

This foster will be caring for a dog(s) that needs a quiet home and someone to give them special care or attention. These dogs will usually be recovering from either surgery or illness. It is preferred that the home be a quiet and calm surrounding for the dog with little activity going on around the pet. The Cherokee Humane Society will provide all medication, food, if needed, and a loaner crate. This pet will not attend adoptions.

Consider being a PUPPY foster

This special foster will care for loving adorable puppies.

  • The bottle feeder foster cares for puppies until they are 6 weeks old. You will usually have two to four. You provide the supplies and CHS supplies the formula. Naturally, they do not attend adoptions but you could be asked to meet for vaccinations.
  • The pregnancy foster cares for a pregnant dog who will have her babies at your home. You then keep the family until the puppies are 6 weeks of age. The puppies can then leave and you foster the mom until she is adopted. You may be asked to meet for vaccinations. At that time, you become a regular foster.
  • The puppy foster gets the puppies usually around 6 weeks of age. At 8 weeks of age they start attending adoptions each Saturday at Acworth Petco (see regular foster) until adopted. CHS will provide food, if needed, and will loan you a pen and/or crate. Usually you will have two or three puppies. You will also meet on a Wednesday so they can be transported for vetting.