Pre-approved examiners

What is a pre-approved examiner?

Most examiners are selected to suit the individual Venturer, and are selected because they already have a role in assisting the Venturer in the activity being undertaken. A pre approved examiner is often appointed for Scouting events and activities, so that Venturers aren't all having to submit requests.

The following lists of pre approved examiners are maintained by the ACT Branch Venturer Team.

Personal Growth

Expressions (for Gang Show)

  • Tom Lee
  • Beth Feint
  • Mark Slattery

Expressions (Visual Arts)

  • Linda Visser

Expressions (Video)

  • Odette Visser
  • Mike Raymond


  • Nikki Coleman

Adventurous Activities


  • Peter Thomas
  • Niven Stines
  • Michael Still
  • Ben Keily
  • Holly Wardell
  • Michael McDonell

Rock Activities

  • Liz Anderson
  • Daryl Barbour
  • Rob Buckland
  • Chris Puschak


  • Matt Rigter


  • Elanor Hewitt
  • Nicholas Hall
  • Brian Farrelly

Leadership Development


  • All Venturer Leaders
  • Branch Venturer Team
  • Calista Beck

Community Involvement

Service (to younger sections)

  • All Cub Scout Leaders
  • All Scout Leaders
  • All Joey Leaders


  • John Feint
  • Katy Tomkins
  • Eric Zurcher
  • James Lehane
  • Vance Lawrence
  • Kate Lehane


  • Michael Still
  • Chris Puschak