This newly revised Scouts Australia Leadership Program (based on the strengths of the former Mawson program) is made of 2 residential courses which aims to:

· Provide a 3-year program that takes key participants on a dynamic leadership journey providing a diversity of opportunities and experiences to learn 21st century skills in leadership, relationships skills and to understand who they are and their role in their community

· Keep these dynamic youth leaders engaged in Scouting

· Provide a national network for participants

· Develop a team willing and able to assist in the leadership of Australian Scouting

The new course will do this by recognising that to lead effectively a person must develop strong interpersonal skills, confidence and an ability to empower others through delegation, inspiration and motivation. The course will be structured around developing emotional intelligence (EQ), enabling participants to develop the skills necessary to effectively communicate, build teams and complete goals.

The program includes:

· One Branch based weekend (YOU) 19-21 May open to as many participants as the Branch team can accommodate

· A 5-day national course (LEAD) 2-6 October for applicants who have successfully completed the YOU course, met key criteria, completed a written application and attended an interview. (Only the most innovative and motivated participants will be invited to take part in the 5-day course. These will be the participants who show the most potential and have a focus on future goal achievement.)

YOU Program

The camp is to be held 19 – 21 May as a residential camp in a secret location in Canberra.

This camp will consist of team activities designed to get participants engaging in personal development activities, communication styles and practices. This will be the beginning of a journey in self-discovery for each individual. Attendance and completion of the YOU course is a requirement to apply for LEAD.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Laughter – How it makes a difference and creates a positive climate
  • Fear – How to challenge your fears and the impact fear has on our choices
  • The masks we wear – How we hide behind a variety of masks
  • Self-Talk – Developing a growth mindset, how self-talk can develop a positive mindset for success
  • Gratitude – How can gratitude builds happiness and success?
  • Generosity – To be kind in word, deed and thought
  • Listening – Becoming an active and attentive listener
  • Mindfulness – Developing the skills to face adversity

Cost $40 (food included)

Location TBA (bring your sleeping gear to sleep in a hall)

Time 5pm Friday - 5pm Sunday

Register here:

YOU: National Leadership Development Course

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Yours in Scouting,

Calista Beck

Assistant Chief Commissioner Youth Development

Scouts Australia - ACT Branch | 0437 377 287 |

89 Kitchener Street Garran ACT 2605