Sunscreen 2k19

Theme for 2k19 is "Trailer"

Sunscreen will be held at Coast Venture on the Saturday 8th of December.

Rules for 2019

Entries are now being accepted for the SunScreen 2K19. The rules for entries are as follows:

  1. Entries must be submitted in the form of a film, ie mp4, suggested time is about 5 minutes in length. The file must be stored digitally in a format able to be played on an MS Windows operating system.
  2. Entries must be submitted no later than 26 November 2019 BVC, using the form at the link on the right.
  3. The entry must reflect the SunScreen 2K19 "Sunscreen Signature" of "Trailer" This may be a single representation, a metaphor or in the storytelling.
  4. The entry must be submitted by a single identified director who must be a Venturer Scout at the time the film is submitted.
  5. The director must warrant that all actors and film crew (camera, editing, etc) who were involved in producing the film must be Venturer Scouts or of Venturer age at the time the film is submitted.
  6. There is no limit to the number of entries that a Venturer Scout or Unit may submit.
  7. The entry must be an original creation and have written permission from the content creator, or a creative commons licence where any external content has been used. Credits should identify all content creators.
  8. All intellectual property remains the property of the creator. ACT Venturer Scouts are granted a license to show and distribute the entry in all forms of media for the purposes of running a non profit scouting program only. These rights are revocable after one year upon request in writing.
  9. There is no cost for entry.
  10. There is a panel of judges, comprising of current and former Venturers and Leaders, and invited media professionals will assess the entries against 7 criteria of story, script, acting, camera work, editing and technical, location and props and overall impact.
  11. This year we will have multiple prizes, prizes could include but are not limited too; GoPro, JB Hi Fi vouchers, TryBooking Vouchers, etc.

Submit your entry

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