Active Learning Pop Up Classroom on Middle School Organisms and Environments

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Team Roles, Contract & Plan

2_Team Roles, Team Contract, Team Plan

Real-World / Authentic Challenge

2_Real-World Challenge

Team Folders

Staying Safe Online

Staying safe online is a lot like staying safe in our neighborhood! In this video, students learn the "Internet Traffic Light" poem, helping them understand what to do if they come across a site that isn't right for them.


Digital Footprint

Help your students think carefully before posting and sharing! This video is all about the digital footprint we all leave behind online.




2_TEKS Focus and Breakdown

TEKS Focus & Breakdown

8th Grade Organisms and Environments

WORKSHOP #2: Content-Language-Culture Learning Targets

Content-Language-Culture Learning Targets

4+1 Language Domain

Simplified Language Learning Targets

Detailed Language Learning Targets

2_Content-Language-Culture Learning Targets

Bloom's Taxonomy

Create - Evaluate - Analyze - Apply - Understand - Remember

WORKSHOP #3: TEKS Prior Connections

2_Prior Content Connections

TEKS Prior Connections

2_Organisms & Environments TEKS.pdf

3rd to 8th Grade Organisms and Environments; 5th Grade to HS Biology Connections

WORKSHOP #4: Google Resources

Narrate Google Slides for a Self-Paced Lesson

Google Drawing with Graphic Organizer Templates

Get Started with Voice Typing in Google Docs

Amazing Google Docs Add-on: SAS Writing Reviser

Speech Recognition Add-On for Google Docs

Taco Bout Fun, Challenging, Game-Based Lessons

WORKSHOP #5: Other Creative Resources

How to Use FlipGrid in the Classroom?

Sketcho Frenzy: The Basics of Visual Note-taking

Tell A Story With Adobe Spark

Learn Padlet!

Learn Canva - Create FREE Beautiful Graphic Designs

Technology to Support English Learners

Teacher Unit Design

TEKS-Based Rubric

3_TEKS-Based Rubric, Differentiated Resources, and Progress Checks

Unit Calendar

3_2019 Calendar

Unit Challenge

4_What is Your Challenge Based On Your TEKS?

What is Your TEKS-based Challenge?

Create a challenge in relation to the Science TEKS and based on an authentic/real-world audience

4_What is Your Driving Question?

What is Your Driving Question?

Write an open-ended, standards-based driving question that poses the challenge from your unit's real/authentic audience

4_What is Your Hook?

What is your Hook?

Identify or create a hook that will entice your audience to be curious and motivated about the unit's Challenge.


Warm and Cool Feedback

Each small group will share their team's Teacher Unit Design with the class for an initial Warm and Cool Feedback process. Each member of a team will use post-its to write down at least one (1) warm feedback and one (1) cool crit. All written feedback on post-its of each team will be collected by the Materials Manager and given to the session facilitator. The session facilitator will pass the post-its to the small group that presented. Below are some examples of sentence starters for Warm Feedback & Cool Crit.

5_Warm Feedback

Warm Feedback

5_Cool Crit

Cool Crit

5_Examples of Presentation Rubrics

Presentation Rubrics