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Amazon is one of the fastest-growing online marketplaces where users can do online shopping easily and conveniently. Along with this, it is one of the world’s most valuable companies. There are several products available on amazon ranging from apparel to electronic and electrical goods.

Amazon is one of the most comprehensive and well-known website offering a huge variety of products and services to its users. Amazon has developed a variety of strategies to give shoppers an enjoyable experience while shopping. Along with the shopping experience, the user can also enjoy surfing various smart devices through

People prefer purchasing products online because it is a reliable and trustworthy website. There are various products and services available on Amazon. The users will have to create an account on to avail the benefits of its service.

The users will first all have to register their smart device, and then they can avail the benefits of the device. The users can register their account on the official website, i.e., Thus, here we have discussed the steps through which the users can easily register their smart device.

Steps to Create an Amazon Account

Before proceeding further with the registration process, the users will have to create an amazon account. However, once the account gets created, the user can easily register their smart device on

  • Open the official site, i.e.,

  • After this, wait for a while for the “Sign-In” website get open.

  • Now the users are suggested to hit on the “Create Your Account” button.

  • Note: The users who already have an account must login with their credentials.

  • Once the user accesses their account, then they will be prompted to register their device.

  • Now insert the and click on the “Continue” button.

  • Note: The users are suggested to check for the code, the located on the device.

  • Now enter the code and proceed further.

Ways to register the smart device via

The users who have bought a new device and looking for the steps to register their device on their Amazon account must go through the steps provided below. But before registering the device, the user must have an amazon account.

Note: The users will have to be signed in at the time of registering the device. Once the user login to the account, then move further with the device registration procedure provided below.

Register via app

  • The users are suggested to download and install the app (i.e., Prime Video, Prime Music, Alexa, or Kindle) from their app store.

  • After this, open the download amazon application.

  • Now proceed further with the account login procedure.

  • After this, to manage the account, navigate to the account menu, and then the “Content and Devices” option.

  • From there, the user can check whether the device got registered or not.

  • The user can also deregister the device when they don’t need it.

Register device via website

  • The users will, first of all, have to download and install the prime video app.

  • Then open the prime video.

  • Now choose “Register on Amazon Website.”

  • After this, a 5-6 character code will appear on the screen.

  • After this, go to and sign in to the Amazon account.

  • Then enter the code.

  • After that, click on the “Register Device” option.

After applying all these steps, the user can easily register their device via Hope that the details provided in this guide were helpful for all users.