Roku/link | Roku Link | Activation code

What is Roku/link?

For the Roku activation, you can use the Roku/link site. Once you establish the activation code on the screen of the TV to activate the Roku device, you can use this link to enter the code. The Roku activation is one of the mandatory steps to enjoy the features of the Roku device. You can get all the features on the Roku device only after you activate the Roku device. If you are new to the Roku device, then you can get the guidance from this blog.

What are the Models available on the Roku Device?

1. Roku Express and Roku express+

2. Streaming stick and the streaming stick+

3. Roku ultra

4. Ultra LT

5. Roku tv

6. Roku Premiere and Roku premiere+

It is your choice to choose the Roku model and buy the compatible Roku device to change your old model tv to the smart tv.

Credentials Necessary to Activate the device

  • Roku device.

  • Roku account details.

  • Activation code.

  • Wireless network connection.

  • SSID name.

  • The password of the network.

  • Mobile device or computer.

Roku/link | Roku Link | Activation code

What are the Steps to Activate the Roku Device using the Roku/link?

Here are the guidelines to activate the Roku device

  1. Firstly, you need to unpack the Roku device package.

  2. Check the components available on the package.

  3. First, you need to take the Roku device from the package, and then you need to process the activation steps.

  4. Secondly, you need to connect the Roku device with the TV using the HDMI cable.

  5. Thirdly connect the Roku device with the power.

  6. For this, you must connect the Roku device via the power cable.

  7. After you connect the Roku device with the power, you need to choose the HDMI input.

  8. Then you will get the receive the welcome screen on the TV.

  9. Once this is done, you need to insert the batteries to the Roku remote.

  10. Pair the Roku device with the Roku remote..

  11. Next, you need to complete the activation steps

  12. Enter the details to the Roku device using .

  13. Fill the language, location and time and date to the Roku.

  14. Next, you need to configure the Roku device with the network.

  15. Always make sure you connect the strong and stable network to the Roku.

  16. After the network connection, you need to scan the device for the update.

  17. Now you need to update the Roku device and make sure you complete the software update steps.

  18. Finally, once you complete the Roku device setup steps, you will get the code on the screen on the TV.

  19. You need to browse to the Roku/link site and enter the Roku activation code on the site.

Steps to Link the Roku Device with the Roku Account

  • Now at last link the Roku account to the Roku device

  • You need to open the Roku account on the browser and then link the device with the account

  • Now you can start to enjoy the channels on the Roku device

Tip: If you don't know how to link the Roku device with the Roku account, explore our blogs from our site and get the proper guidance.

Troubleshooting in the Activation via the Roku/link

Issues in Getting the Activation

If you could not generate the code on the screen of the TV, then you need to check that there is an issue on the network connection. Also, you need to make sure the network connection is stable and strong. To resolve this issue, you can restart the Roku device and the router. If you could not get the link, then check that you have completed the steps to activate the Roku device. Make sure you update the software on the Roku device and then try to get the code.

Steps to Resolve the Issue in Getting the Code

You can resolve this step by tapping on the star button on the home page of the Roku. You need to press the star button from the Roku remote. Now you will get the second code to complete the activation steps

Issues in Entering the Code on the Roku/link

If the code is not accepted on the Roku/link, make sure you enter the valid code on the site. Also, you need to use the code before the code gets expired or invalid. Make sure you enter the code on the registered site. Always use the registered site for the activation steps.