Characters at the Old Mint

Actions Past Players

The characters that you will meet at the Old Mint are brought to life by a skilled group of actors, avid researchers, amateur historians and detail obsessed costumers called Actions Past Players. We perform annually at the San Francisco History Days, the Great Dickens Christmas Fair and many other events.

These, and other, characters are available to enliven your next gathering. Invite Actions Past Players to engage, entertain and educate your guests with our unique and lively performance.

Denizens of the Barbary Coast

  • Happy Jack Harrington - Dandy, Entrepreneur and owner of Opéra Comique on Murderer’s Corner. Temporary temperance trooper.
  • Shanghai Kelly (and his associate Corraigh Paddy) - A "benevolent" boarding house owner who mugged or drugged sailors to sell to ship captains as crew.
  • Irene McCready - Barbary Coast Madam and owner of the infamous gambling saloon, the El Dorado.
  • Charles Cora – Professional gambler, and organizer of the most honest gaming tables in town.
  • Arabella Ryan (Belle Cora) - Owner and operator of the “best durned parlor house in San Francisco”
  • Noramae Cook – The most beautiful, and the most skilled in the arts of l’amour, of all the demimondes in the entire city.
  • Pyrite Pete - Naïve but enthusiastic “49er”, ready for anything his gold-hunting adventure has in store for him.


  • Anna Bishop - World traveling opera singer (and shipwreck survivor).
  • Lola Montez – Actress, "Spanish dancer" and mistress to a king.
  • Lillie Langtry – Actress, producer and celebrated woman of beauty and charm.


  • Lillie Hitchcock Coit - The eccentric Lillie Coit was Knickerbocker Engine Co. No. 5’s most ardent supporter. Her bequest funded the Coit Tower.
  • Phoebe Hearst - Wife of George Hearst, a successful gold miner, and mother of William Randolph Hearst, Phoebe became a noted feminist, suffragist and a major benefactor of educational institutions.


  • Charles Crocker – Builder of the first transcontinental railroad, and owner of a San Francisco tourist attraction.
  • Leland Stanford - Governor and senator of California. Member of the Big Four, and founder of the Central and Southern Pacific railroads.
  • Domingo Ghirardelli - Brought the art of chocolate making to San Francisco in 1849, and later located to a place we now call Ghirardelli Square.
  • Otto Schinkel Jr. - Co-founder of Anchor Brewing.
  • Asbury Harpending – Confederate secret agent and participant in the “Great Diamond Hoax.”

Arts and Literature

  • William Keith - California early days painter-poet and mystic, and companion to John Muir.
  • Ina Coolbrith - Poetess and librarian; friend of Bret Harte; co-editor of Overland Monthly.
  • Mrs. F. H. Day - Editor of the Hesperian magazine.


  • Harry Love - Captain of the California Rangers, killed the outlaw Joaquin Murrieta and keeper of a grisly souvenir.

The Military

  • Private John F Klingensmith - Company I of the 9th United States Regular Infantry, stationed at Fort Point.


  • Mrs. Theodore McCoid (Mollee) - Wife of the greengrocer at Franklin and California.

Find these characters in various locations at the old Mint