The Action Takers Mentoring Program

Thinking is a Part of Your Being, While Action, Is a Part of Your Doing.

Do you Need Someone to Advise, Consult, and encourage you?

We oftentimes tell ourselves WE can fix our own disappointments, failures, and problems. We tell ourselves we are good just the way we are and we can't afford such services. We don't need a coach nor a mentor. It's time to expand in your thinking and open your mind to future growth. Invest in yourself. I promise yourself investments are the best investments one can make.

The Details Of This Mentoring Program

  • A $1 a day keeps procrastination and low confidence away.
  • I ask for a 6-month commitment.
  • The program is $30 a month and I ask for the first 2 months to be paid in advance. The balance can be paid monthly and or course you can pay in full.
  • Monthly Teleconference Calls
  • Access to a Closed Action Taking Community
  • Early Bird Discounted Events Seats
  • Human Capital Access
  • Focus Topics of Enlightenment
  • 1:1 Sessions every 2 weeks.

If you are ready to get started please click link below to send your payment and we can then set up your initial 1:1 consult.

$30 (1 Month payment )

$60 (2 Month Payment)*

$90 (3 Month Payment)

$180 (6 Month Payment-Paid in Full)

*Minimum amount due to begin the mentoring program.

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