Gaeta, Sperlonga, Circeo

and the

Riviera of Ulysses

paddling between Gaeta and Sperlonga

Beaches, rocks, cliffs, medieval towers, castles, seaside villages ... a marvel of views

lenght: 5- 10-15 km

paddling from Sabaudia to Circeo

From a historic lake, through an ancient Roman canal, we enter the sea at Torre Paola, to navigate along the homeric promontory of Ulysses ...

lenght: 5- 10-15 km

walking the Antica via Flacca

On the most beautiful stretch of the famous Riviera di Ulisse, the one between Gaeta and Sperlonga, we retrace the ancient Via Flacca, a semi-abandoned and at times disappeared path, with breathtaking views

lenght: 4-6 km