Boosting Technology Within Pleasant Hill

Please look at either the robotics, or Tech Internship page for pictures and details of my project

Overview of my work:

  • Lead Programmer and designer for robotics team
  • Ftc website
  • Ftc Worlds picture
  • Control Award Worlds
  • Reaching out to community
  • Learning 3d rpinter, helped write grants so that we have to 3d printers, and now a cnc router, DRO in metlshop
  • Our success has led to the development of robotics curriculum
  • Currently working on a robot for the state competition, more sophisticated than last year's ie 3d printed

This experience allowed me to intern with the school's IT department. I worked to assist Steve Traylor, our IT head

I worked in the setup of 20 new classrooms and documentation, as well as pushing for a 1:1 Chromebook policy as an intern

Picture in the mdf

Repaired and setup equipment for staff over the summer

This led to my involvement in Operation Impact LINK Where I worked to develop software that would schedule and organize an event. FROM SCRATCH, I was the head of a team who built a linux server in which we had an apache wb server and sql database running. I wrote scripts to acces, sort, record studen't and attendees entries. This service helped the community come together for this event and made it easier to coordinate.