Annual yoga retreat

Save the date! Yoga weekend on Idöborg, in the Stockholm archipelago

Welcome in spring with a weekend of focus on yourself – your strength, flexibility and mindfulness – on the beautiful and peaceful island of Idöborg. Even though Idöborg is just an hour from central Stockholm, out in the archipelago, we will feel a world away from daily routines and ‘musts’.

Join us on the weekend of May 11-12, 2019 to learn more about and practice various forms of yoga, complemented with guided meditation and mindfulness. Our instructor will be qualified and highly experienced yoga trainer and coach Jenni Enigk. Anyone is welcome to join, regardless of yoga experience. There will be something new even for more experienced yoga practitioners.

Our yoga weekend will include (a more detailed agenda to come):

1.) Yoga and mindfulness practice – Theoretical introduction to yoga and mindfulness. Mindful yoga practice with gentle physical, repetitive movements as well as pure mindfulness exercises to promote presence, awareness, objectivity, humility and avoiding judgment.

2.) Yin yoga and Zen meditation – Theoretical introduction to the Yin & Yang philosophy and how we can use the concept for balancing modern life, which is characterized by a surplus of stress, striving, performance requirements, time shortage, etc. Yin yoga is very peaceful and calm.

3.) Yoga Nidra & guided meditation – Yoga for disconnecting and consciously relaxing.

4.) Hatha Yoga & Pranayama (breathing practice) – A more dynamic yoga for body control, endurance, balance, focus, and extra focus on breathing. The physical asana practice ends with special yoga breathing exercises and reflection.

We organize the boat taxi from Stavsnäs Vinterhamn to Idöborg on Saturday morning and back the following day. All meals and snacks are included. Cost details to come.

Note: You will share a room with another participant. Places are limited, to allow enough space for everyone in the dojo.

To register to participate, contact

Nacka Yoga Studio

ACIF has an arrangement with Nacka Yoga Studio. As an ACIF member you can join any class for only 50 SEK. There is no pre-registration, just drop in. The studio has reserved five places at the special price for ACIF members, so first come, first served.

It is important that you register your attendance and show your membership card when you arrive at Nacka Yoga Studio.

Here's a link to their class schedule:

In-house yoga with Ann-Cristin Wahlstrom

Ann-Cristin Wahlstrom is a yoga instructor who on occasion holds yoga classes in conference room Penthouse. If you want to take part of these occasions please send her an email ( and she will get in contact with you when the next occasion in planned.