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Atlas Copco wins in 30th anniversary game against Örebro

Report by Christer Bakai

In January we went to Örebro to once again meet our friends at Epiroc in a game of soccer. This year you could feel the tension already outside the reception in Nacka before we sat in the two minibuses to go the 20 kilometers to Örebro. We were in “the eye of the tiger” mode.

After arriving at Behrn Arena and meeting our friends from Epiroc the Atlas Copco Nacka Team had a concentrated warm up. As the captain of the team I was convinced that today was the day that the Ronnie Leten Cup would find its way back home to Nacka again.

We had a great start, not giving Epiroc any time or space to play their game. We were also extremely effective when we got the chance to score. Alireza Jahanjou did not make any mistakes when he got the ball from Nils Dreßlers and gave Team Nacka the lead after 5 minutes. A couple of minutes later he had another good chance, but the referee pointed at the penalty point.

After a nice save from the Epiroc goalkeeper the ball ended up at Nils Dreßlers feet and he could easily place the ball in the net, 0-2.

After this the Epiroc Team started to become more aggressive, but our defense was exquisite. We took care of almost every attempt by the Epiroc Team to score. With just 5 minutes left in the first half the Epiroc Team got a chance to score when I (as a keeper) couldn´t hold the ball properly and they forced the ball into the net, to end the half at 1-2.

In the second half we took over the game and produced one chance after another to score. It was only a matter of time before we extended our lead. Mathieu Verdugt beautifully scored with his head after a nice pass from Pontus Sjögren. And before the referee put his whistle to his mouth to call time we had another score by Anastasios Thriskos, again thanks to a great pass from Pontus Sjögren.

Yes, that Saturday the game belonged to us and we won by having a compact defense and playing as a team the entire 90 minutes. The Ronnie Leten Cup is back in Nacka where it belongs.

Report by Christer Bakai

Team Nacka:

Henry Runsala (Manager)

Annette Nilsson (Assistant Manager)

Christer Bakai (Captain)

Jakob Börjeson

Nils Dreßler

Sture Eriksson

Alireza Jahanjou

Rickard Lindholm

Mattias Ng

Mats Norén

Enoch Marfo

Per Olovsson

Linus Palmquist

Pontus Sjögren

Anastasios Thriskos