ACIF will sponsor participation in races - this is how it is done:

1. Sign up for any running race you would like to participate in

2. Enter Atlas Copco IF as your team/club

3. Pay the starting fee and complete the race

4. Send an email to the section leader with your payment information, result and account for money transfer

5. Receive 50% of the starting fee back (up to 500 SEK/race)

We run for fun!

ACIF's running section offers the opportunity to train together and participate together in various competitions.

For anyone who likes to run - fast or slow, in a group or by themselves - ACIF wants to help you find a running level that you enjoy and where you feel you are developing and doing well. For us, the joy of running is more important than the performance itself.

ACIF has developed a custom racing kit in Atlas Copco's colors that you can buy for a good price.

Every Wednesday lunch ACIF organizes opportunities to run with colleagues. We meet outside the bicycle room at 11:10 in our running gear and run together for approximately 50 minutes.

To learn more about regular running opportunities or upcoming events, contact the section leader:

Sofia Svensson,

Here you can find information about races ACIF members have joined.

Here you can read about ACIF's fantastic running trip to Verdon in 2017.

Here you can find information about the selection of ACIF running clothes and how to purchase them.