We run for fun!

ACIF's running section offers the opportunity to train together and participate together in various competitions.

For anyone who likes to run - fast or slow, in a group or by themselves - ACIF wants to help you find a running level that you enjoy and where you feel you are developing and doing well. For us, the joy of running is more important than the performance itself.

ACIF has developed a custom racing kit in Atlas Copco's colors that you can buy for a good price.

Every Wednesday lunch ACIF organizes opportunities to run with colleagues. We meet outside the bicycle room at 11:10 in our running gear and run together for approximately 50 minutes.

To learn more about regular running opportunities or upcoming events, contact the section leader:

Romain Haettel,

Running Sessions (updated 2022-09-28)

To boost your training, join the running sessions organized by ACIF.

It’s for anyone at any level!

Each week, a professional coach will help you to improve your running technique and fitness:

We will cancel the two planned running sessions 7:30 on Thursday 29 September and 6 October. Instead we will have sessions in the afternoon at 17:00-18:00 on 6/10 and 13/10.

  • 29th September 7.30-8.30 (Forrest in Naturreservat) (cancelled)

  • 6th October 7.30-8.30 (gravel path in Naturreservat) (cancelled)

new time:

Thursday 6th October 17:00-18:00

Thursday 13th October 17:00-18:00

Before each week’s lesson, we ask that you register so we know who to expect to join.

Read more about the session and register by using the link

Atlas Copco Week37 2022 (

We meet in the Reception.

Open Water Swimming

It was the last session of open water swimming on Monday 29th August.

The sessions in the lake gave a great opportunity to improve technique and fitness outdoors in the nature.

When Autumn Season comes, it will be time to get back to the pool.

Stay tuned on ACIF for the dates.

  • NO SESSION on 5th September 7.30-8.30

There will be a running session week 36.

Read more about the running session and register by using the link

Atlas Copco Week36 2022 (

Here you can find information about races ACIF members have joined.

Here you can read about ACIF's fantastic running trip to Verdon in 2017.

Here you can find information about the selection of ACIF running clothes and how to purchase them.