Other sports

Interested in another sport?

Do you have a suggestion for other sports or would you like to try something new?

At ACIF we like to see the variety of sports under our umbrella grow. Are you interested in a sport that we currently do not offer, and think there is a new section you could organize? Do you practice a sport that you think more people might want to try?

Contact us! The association can support with promotion of your activity, discount agreements and financial support for the activity. A prerequisite is a responsible person who will head the section.

Additional prerequisites for a new section:

• physical activity

• opportunity for social interaction

• "enough" practitioners in Sickla

• an activity plan for the year

• a budget proposal submitted before the annual meeting

Have a chat with someone on the board for more information.

We always welcome suggestions for new sports for our members!

See the link below to an application form for a new ACIF section. Please download the document and save it under a new name. Send to acif@se.atlascopco.com

Atlas Copco IF - Ansökan om ny aktivitet TEMPLATE.docx