Paddling rivers, lakes and the sea

ACIF organizes regular kayaking courses on Sicklasjön, the lake nearest Atlas Copco House, with an instructor. The courses are typically one evening, three weeks in a row and include training in technical skills, maneuvering the kayak in challenging situations, getting back into the kayak after tipping over, planning the trip and reading a map.

There are occasionally excursions into the archipelago and we hope to organize training in river kayaking in the near future. For more information, contact the section leader, Gunilla Camara, gunilla.camara@se.atlascopco.com

2019 - A year of more courses, tours and participants

Beginner courses

The demand for beginner courses in kayaking was even greater this year than in previous years, so we booked three beginner courses over several days. One in May/June, one in June/July and another in August/September. This year a total of 21 people attended the beginner courses. It was the 5th year that ACIF has offered kayaking courses and a total of 85 people have completed the kayaking course with ACIF!

Open house for the whole family

The open house for the whole family and a chance to try kayaking was an appreciated activity in 2018, so we repeated it in 2019. The weather usually affects our number of participants. This year 18 people came and tested paddling K1, K2 or SUP (Standing-Up-Paddling) even though the weather was not the best. It was a bit chilly when we all returned, so hot chocolate, coffee and cinnamon buns were much appreciated.

Kayaking in the archipelago

For the more experienced kayaker, we offered an archipelago tour with an overnight stay at Svartsöga Hostel one weekend in late September. The weather forecast a few days ahead was enough to scare many of us, as lots of wind and rain were predicted. Considering this we took the tour to a much more protected part of the archipelago than we had originally intended. We left Abborkroken on Djurö and paddled 16 km north to Svartsöga.

After a nice lunch, we had a one-hour kayaking technique course that turned out very useful, especially for those with the least experience in kayaking. On the way home on Sunday we took a shorter route of 14 km to allow us some time to practice how to climb back into the kayak with each other’s help. Those that managed this were able to get the “Green Paddle Pass” from the Swedish Canoe Association.

Evening tour passing a lock

On September 9th, we did an evening tour through a lock from Sjöstadens kanotklubb on Sickla Lake, via the Sickla lock to Hammarby Sjöstad. It was a great experience to sit in a kayak and watch the walls of the lock raise several meters high above our heads. We then paddled via the Danvik Canal out into the Baltic Sea and further around the western part of Djurgården, past Gröna Lund.

We stopped before Djurgårdsbron to have a pizza dinner which we got delivered to a pier there! On our way back we encountered, to both horror and delight, a Viking Line ferry on its way from Stadsgården. When we were passing through Hammarby Lake it was dark outside and this was a beautiful experience with all the lit-up apartments in Hammarby Sjöstad. This was a new and different experience for most of us and it was quickly agreed that we should plan for a few more evening tours in town next year.