Event reports

Atlas Copco beats Scania in tennis thriller

The fourth time was the charm. On August 21 ACIF beat Scania's tough team in a thrilling battle at the Hellasgården tennis courts in Nacka.

Scania had emerged as the winner on the previous three occasions in this annual tennis battle between the companies. But on each of those previous occasions, Atlas Copco IF had edged a little bit closer to victory, and now it was our turn to shine. After a rough start where Scania jumped to a 6-3 half-time lead, ACIF's players found their rhythm and focus and staged an impressive comeback, winning 9-8.

"ACIF showed great fighting spirit in managing to come back from a deficit and take Scania's scalp for the first time," said Ken Lagerborg, Atlas Copco's Group Treasurer who organized the event but who unfortunately was not able to play this time. "This is a fun event that is becoming a very nice tradition."

The matches were all doubles except one singles match. The ACIF players were Daniel Brandt, Eva Esbo, Ivan Engleson, Johan Rönblom, Lisa Lindberg, Marcelo Mantovani, Mats Weckberg, Ola Kinnander, Steven Wamala and Ulf Nylund.