Cross-country skiing

Recent events

Birkebeiner race 2019

In March 2019 a group of five Atlas Copco IF skiers headed towards Norway to ski the legendary Birkebeiner race from Rena to Lillehammer. The race is a 54 km cross-country ski race that crosses two mountains.

All participants must carry a backpack weighing at least 3.5 kg throughout the race to symbolize the king's son that was saved and carried over the mountains by brave skiers in the 13th century.

The five Atlas Copco IF participants started the adventure on a Thursday afternoon with a minibus ride to Arvika where we filled up with calories and sleep before we crossed the boarder to Norway.

On Friday noon we arrived in Rena. We were all eager to test the skis and get a feeling of the first part of the race track = very long uphill towards the first mountain peak. After analyzing the snow it was time for some in the team to put on ski wax according to all the rules of the ski waxing art, while some relied on the skintec technology and could enjoy some more skiing instead.

The day ended with pasta dinner before spending the night on mattresses in a classroom filled with other ski enthusiasts.

Saturday was the day for the race with early breakfast in the school. With starting times in different groups and well organization the start went smoothly for all Atlas Copco IF participants. The race starts with 15 km of uphill slope that made us all wish we had more snow back home to practice more on the diagonal cross country technique.

However when the energy started to fade it was filled up by the fantastic sceneries, sunshine, no wind, perfect ski tracks and lots of happy Norwegians cheering along the beautiful track.

After reaching the first mountain peak it was time for a well-deserved downhill and a chance to rest the legs and arms for a while. Or, if you enjoy speed, it was time for speed position. The speed downhill if you didn’t plow was as high as + 50 km/h

The whole team of Atlas Copco IF finished the race after great efforts, by reaching the finish line in Lillehammer after 54 beautiful kilometers.

After enjoying the atmosphere and some food in the finish area, we headed back towards Arvika, where we in the late evening celebrated the successful day with good food and drinks before we crashed into bed.

After a very good Sunday breakfast the minibus, safely driven the whole weekend by Wilhelm Nyberg and Björn Möller, took us back to Sickla.

Thanks a lot to all engaged people in Atlas Copco IF who arranged this great trip.

Orsa Cross Country Skiing Weekend 2019

In the last weekend of January 2019 a group of colleagues from Epiroc and Atlas Copco went to Orsa for a couple of days of cross-country skiing together.

The majority of the 34 participants arrived in Orsa on Thursday evening and even managed to try some of the many cross-country tracks in Orsa that same night. The participants ranged from complete beginners to experienced cross-country ski racers.

On Friday morning everyone was eager to get out and try the well-groomed tracks that was located just meters away from our cabins (we stayed in 6 different cabins). Orsa has a history of always taking good care of the tracks and this time was not different, they even have an online map where you can see where they have groomed the tracks and where the machines are working at the moment.

On Friday afternoon it was back to school, cross country ski school that is. We were divided into four different groups based on level of experience and technique (three groups for classic technique and one group for skating technique), please clic on the link below for some pictures from the event. That evening we went to Ugglan och Björnen, a BBQ/Pizza restaurant located close to our cabins for some local delights.

On Saturday it was time for the big event of the year, the club championship over 10 kilometers in classic technique. The course chosen for this event was the Gröna Milen, which is a rather easy yet demanding track that starts in the woods and then passes through some fields. There was a participation record with 20 strong skiers on the startline. At exactly 10 am the race started and they were off. Approximately 36 minutes later the winner of the men’s race was visible and once again it was Ulf Sand that was pushing for the finish line. However not long after, just seconds behind, Vilhelm Nyberg was trying to catch up however did not make it in time to beat Ulf. Nevertheless very strong skiing from both Ulf and Vilhelm. In third place we had Anders Taflin (2.0). On the women’s side it was never any doubt about the winner, Ann-Cathrine Bertlin took the lead from the start and kept it all the way – impressive skiing! In second place we had Karin Reichard that had one of the most elegant technics for crossing the finish line, the stretched leg (Stina Nilsson-style, however without the injury..). In third place we had Emma Nisses who apparently skied an extra kilometer out on the tracks just to show here strength. Apart from the top six skiers, we saw many strong efforts on the race, especially Mats Nordwinger that had not skied for many years and now many years later participated in a 10k race . Please clic on the link below for some pictures from the event.

That same evening it was a price ceremony at the Topstugan where we had a fondue dinner looking out over the landscape beneath us.

On Sunday many of us woke up with sore muscles from a couple of days skiing however many pushed through and did some kilometers before getting in their cars for the trip back to Stockholm.

Thank you all for a greet weekend – let’s do it again next year!

Tools for reaching the top

Three-time Olympic medal winner Johan Olsson spoke to a packed room of ACIF members about his skiing career and mental training under the heading "Thoughts and tools to reach the top!" on Thursday, Nov. 1. Johan won medals in the Turin 2006, Vancouver 2010 and Sochi 2014 Olympics as well as World Cup medals in several world championships. He has won two World Cup individual gold medals, for 50 km in 2013 and 15 km in 2015.

Johan Olsson told the audience that he had poor self-confidence and used to get very nervous before competitions. He explained how he tackled setbacks and how he succeeded. He told the story of what a challenge it was to leave the family for eight weeks to live and practice as a hermit in Bruksvallarna before the World Cup in Falun 2015.

Through mental training he has improved his self-confidence and ability to cope with setbacks. He gave some valuable tips for mental training, such as:

· Think of and write down three good things that happened to you every day.

· To control your nervousness, practice relaxing your body “on command”. Lie down, clench your fists for 10 seconds and then actively relax. Do the fist trick whenever under pressure.

Even though Johan Olsson has finished his skiing career he is still engaged in sports. In September, he ran the 30-km Lidingöloppet in 1 hour 46 min, taking 15th place.

Roller Skiing in Sickla 2018

During the fall of 2018 a small but strong group of cross country skiers where (at least trying to) increase their upper body strength by going roller skiing around Sickla.

After the summer we will pick up the roller skiing sessions again, please keep an eye out on this website or on our Facebook page for more information.

Stafettvasan 2018

Stafettvasan is a relay race that is part of the Vasalopp week. Five participants per team cover the 90-km stretch from Sälen to Mora.

In 2018 ACIF had two participating teams, one from Epiroc and one from Atlas Copco. Even though we all traveled together there was some internal competetion that ended with a victory for the Epiroc team. The time difference was only a few minutes after several hours of competition. The image above shows some of the competitors from both teams.

Toblach-Cortina ski marathon 2018

In 2018 a group of people from ACIF travelled together to Cortina in Italy to participate in the famous cross-country ski races between Toblach and Cortina in the beautiful Dolomites.

The first race for the weekend was a 50-km race in classic technique, from Toblach to Cortina. The course was demanding, with long climbs and tight tracks.

The next day some of us particpated in the second race of the weekend, a 30-km race starting in Cortina and finishing in Toblach, this time in free technique.

Luckily the weather was much better during the second day so we could enjoy the beatiful scenery, specially around the Three Peaks. Those not participating in the second race had a great training session in the same mountains.

Training weekend in Orsa 2018

In 2018 ACIF hosted a training weekend in Orsa, Sweden. During the weekend a number of our members enjoyed the wonderful tracks around Orsa and were also given the chance to improve their skills by participating in a cross-country ski school.

During the weekend the ACIF 10 km cross-country ski championship was held. In the image above you see the winners podium for the race, with Ulf Sand from Epiroc as the winner.

Training weekend in Harsa 2017

Sista helgen i januari var det dags för den traditionsenliga längdskidhelgen i Harsa med Atlas Copco IF. Trettio medlemmar åkte med på resan i år. Kul att så många åkte med, och kul att denna resa lockar allt ifrån dem som inte har åkt så mycket längdskidor, till gamla skidrävar.

Vädret på fredagen bjöd på strålande sol och ett par minusgrader. Lite mer snö, och framför allt mer nysnö, hade varit önskvärt- Men glidet gick inte att klaga på i alla fall. På fredagen hölls teknikträning för de som önskade. En mycket uppskattad träning som gav bra träning oavsett förkunskaper och värdefulla tips på vägen mot att bli en bättre skidåkare.

Efter dagens skidåkning väntade stugmys i de fyra stugorna i Järvsö stugby. Det utövades bl a yoga och bastades mm innan vi träffades för after ski i en av stugorna. Därefter en gemensam god middag på Bergshotellet i Järvsö.

Under lördagen strålade solen igen. Alla skidade runt i de olika spåren, tog fikapauser i den mysiga Harsa-stugan och kanske åt den klassiska pärgröten med fläsk till lunch. Några medlemmar åkte även Harsa Ski Marathon (21 eller 42 km) Efter dagens skidåkning var det återigen dags att summera dagen i stugorna med bastu, yoga, after ski och ännu en god middag på Bergshotellet.

På söndagen låg det dimma i dalen men frampå dagen sken solen igenom så vi fick ännu en härlig skiddag fram till lunch innan vi åkte hemåt. De flesta åkte nog mer skidor denna helg än på hela vintern och kunde åka hem nöjda. Nöjda över skön skidåkning, trevligt sällskap och att ha väckt skidåkningsmusklerna till liv - trots den träningsvärk som det kan innebära.

Training weekend in Harsa 2016

Sista helgen i januari var det äntligen dags för den uppskattade längdskidhelgen i Harsa med Atlas Copco IF. 22 stycken AC IF-medlemmar var med på resan.

Under fredagen var vädret inte det bästa, med någon plusgrad och fuktig luft. Men det stoppade inte oss från att åka skidor runt om i spåren eller att delta på teknikträning. Många goda råd delades ut och alla lämnade skidspåren som ännu bättre skidåkare. Efter det väntade en efterlängtad bastu, umgänge och god mat på Kramsta Gästgiveri.

Under natten blev det kallare = klisterföre under lördagen. Det var trångt, trevligt, och mycket vallasnack i vallaboden. Därefter deltog några i Harsa Ski Marathon medan övriga tränade på egen hand i spåren vid Harsa.

Efter en heldag i skidspåren med fikapauser i mysiga Harsa-stugan samt den klassiska pärgröten med fläsk, åkte vi nöjda tillbaka till Kramsta. Där bjöds in till ett nytt inslag på resan -yoga, vilket var toppen för en stel skidåkare. Därefter bastu med eftersnack om dagens skidprestationer. På kvällen väntade ännu en god middag, umgänge och sällskapsspel.

På söndagen sken solen, det var ett par minusgrader och vindstilla. Vi fick en fantastisk skiddag och avslutning på helgen innan vi packade ihop och åkte hemåt.

Training weekend in Harsa 2014

Fredagen den 24 januari styrde ett gäng glada skidåkare kosan mot Hälsingland och Järvsö. Vi välkomnades av riktigt vinterväder, -21 grader. Fredag eftermiddag var de flesta av oss ute i spåren, antingen för att nöta mil eller köra teknikträning med Mattias Lind & Co.

Vi bodde naturskönt i Kramsta Gästgivaregård, fredagkvällen spenderades där med bastu, middag och skidsnack. Samt uppladdning för de som skulle köra Harsa Ski Marathon på lördagen. Tävlingen startade vid 10 på lördag förmiddag, och de som inte deltog tränade på egen hand i spåren vid Harsa.

Efter en lång skiddag samt bastu och middag på lördagen slocknade de flesta ganska tidigt. Söndag förmiddag körde vi ett sista träningspass innan det var dags att tacka för oss för denna gång.

Pre-season training in Torsby 2014

Skidsektionen bjöd in till träningsläger i Värmland i augusti, och tre medlemmar hakade på.

Mest lockade skidtunneln - tänk att får komma på riktig snö så tidigt på säsongen!

Tunneln var toppen, och vi fick oss några ytterligare tuffa pass kring den fina träningsanläggningen de har skaffat sig i Torsby.

Trevligt boende på en hästgård och vädret spelade med någorlunda, nu när sommarvärmen hade övergått i lite ostadigare läge.

Ett särskilt tack till vår "chaufför" Bosse Ohlson, långtida Atlas-kollega och nu pensionär med Vasaloppsambitioner!

Training weekend in Harsa 2013

27 ACIF-medlemmar åkte till Hälsingland sista helgen i januari för att träna och tävla i glada skidåkares lag. De flesta verkar vara helnöjda med denna tradition som nu är inne på sitt andra år. Sektionsledare Gösta säger sig ha prestationsångest på den tuffa tävlingsbanan, men han låter sig säkert ändå övertalas att återvända till Harsa nästa år.

Training weekend in Harsa 2012

Helgen i vecka 4 var det så äntligen dags - bilarna packades fulla och 17 förväntansfulla ACIF-medlemmar drog till Harsa i Hälsingland för att under en helg åka längdskidor i något som måste vara en av Sveriges bästa längdskidområden!

Boendet var utmärkt ordnat nere i Järvsö, där gruppen umgicks, åt god mat, vallade sina skidor och hade jättetrevligt. Kramsta Gästgård stod för logi, förplägnad och stor gästvänlighet!

På dagarna utnyttjades Harsa-områdets 80 km skidspår, bl a ställde 10-11 av oss upp i någon klass i Harsa Ski Marathon över som längs 43 km.