We stay fit together!

ACIF offers employees of all the Atlas Copco and Epiroc companies in Sickla a wide variety of organized activities and discounted gym memberships for an annual membership fee of only 300 SEK . Stay fit, get to know more colleagues and make new friends by training together. We have activities to suit everyone:

  • Cycling

  • Running

  • Kayaking

  • Cross-country skiing

  • Climbing

  • Hiking

  • Tennis

  • Golf

  • Badminton

  • Football

  • Floor ball

  • Yoga

  • Basketball

We also regularly host guest speakers on topics related to sports, fitness and the physical and psychological health benefits of training.


Sign-up to become a member is easy - use this link.

As of 2020, there will be a change to ACIF rules regarding sponsored activities. To qualify to take part in sponsored activities, where ACIF covers part of the cost, a member must be employed by a sponsoring company, e.g. Atlas Copco or Epiroc. Retirees from both companies also qualify to join ACIF activities at subsidized rates. Other members are very welcome to participate, but must pay the full fee for the event.

Details per activity:

• Golf, badminton and tennis – must be booked by an employed ACIF member. An employed member can be the host for non-members. The tennis sessions with a coach are for employed members.

• Actic, kayaking, climbing and yoga – reduced or free for employed members. Other members may participate and pay the ordinary fee.

• Arranged trips – reduced fees and prioritization of employed members. Others can join when places are available and pay the ordinary fee.

• Group activities like indoor soccer, floorball and the boot camp – open to and free for all members.

• Special activities to increase interest and membership in ACIF – prioritization for places will be given to employees.

As a member of this association, ACIF will handle certain personal data about you. This is necessary for the association to manage its membership. The association is responsible for ensuring that the processing of personal data is in accordance with applicable legislation and the Sports Association Code of Conduct for processing personal data. Your social security number may be linked to the state's personal address register (SPAR) for updating the association's membership register. This connection exists to fulfill our obligation to ensure that your personal data is up-to-date and accurate. If you have protected personal data or for other special reasons are unable to provide complete personal information, please contact the association's chairman to apply for membership.

By requesting membership you confirm that you have received this information.

NOTE: You will receive confirmation of your membership, but it may take up to two weeks.

More information from the Swedish Sports Association on personal data and privacy can be found here, in Swedish only:

ACIF on social media

ACIF has a closed Facebook group for members. To follow the latest posts about our activities, use the link below to ask to be added to the group:

ACIF has a new sustainability policy

We will do what we can to limit our environmental impact. Read the policy in both English and Swedish.

Join kayaking activities in August-September

Beginners' course on Sickla Lake

ACIF has partnered with Sjöstaden Kayak to offer members a beginners course over three evenings in August.

The course takes place on Sickla Lake, just 5 minutes' walk from the Atlas Copco and Epiroc office.


Aug. 12, 16.00-19.00

Aug. 25, 16.00-19.00

Aug. 26, 16.00-19.00

Catch-up date: Sept. 2, 16.00-19.00, for those who missed an occasion in August.

Cost: 500 SEK

See registration details below.

Ocean kayaking weekend

A weekend of ocean kayaking is open to any ACIF members who have participated in the beginners' course with Sjöstaden Kajak or have several hours of lake and/or sea kayaking experience.

Date: Sept. 5-6. We leave Saturday morning and return Sunday afternoon.'

Place: From Djurö to Stora Kalvholmen. We will stay at STF Stora Kalholmen Hostel

Cost: Overnight accommodation and food

See registration details below.

Sightseeing tour to Drottningholms Castle

This tour is on Lake Mälaren and in rather calm waters, so it's suitable for all kayakers. It is 17 km long and includes a stop for lunch and a fika in the afternoon. We pass many interesting sights on our way to the castle, then take a bus back from Brommaplan.

Date: Sept. 12 and 26

Place: We start at the kayaking club in Sickla (at the bottom of Hammarbybacken) and end at Drottningholms Castle. We take the bus home.

Cost: 300 SEK

Kayaking rental

There are a number of kayaks reserved for ACIF members during the times below. There are typically two one-person kayaks available and one two-person kayak available for rent. First come, first served. Book using the info below.

Monday - Sunday: 06.00-10.00**

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 16.00-21.00**

Wednesday: 17.00-19.00

** No staff available. All the equipment is available in the locker by the kayaking clubhouse. To book, fill in your name, phone number, and e-mail address. Click on Lägg till rabattkod (use a discount code) and write: ATLAS2020

All kayaking activities are booked at

or use the app: BokaMera. More info will be sent to those who register for the activities.

See more activities (not discounted) on the website.

Join the ACIF Summer Training Challenge

Keep safe, fit and well this summer! To join the ACIF Summer Training Challenge, complete any of the following:

100 000 steps/week OR an activity that increases your heart rate for 30 minutes straight each day - cycling, running, swimming, or another form of pulse-raising exercise.

Those who have completed the challenge every week will be entered in a drawing for prizes.

Prizes: Five people to be awarded prizes worth 300 SEK each

Timing: June 29 to August 9 – six weeks

How to join: Keep a record of your training each week, in Word or Excel, for example, and attach or send it in the body of an e-mail at the end of the challenge.

Send an e-mail with your training record for the period to both Karin Holmquist and Karin Reichard.

Deadline to be included in the drawing: August 16

Better odds for those who inspire others

Those who post an image of their training in our Facebook group at least once per week will have their name entered twice in the drawing.

Good luck!

Enjoy your summer while staying safe. Follow physical distancing guidelines.

Outdoor circuit training

Join the StrongMovement training with Anna from Fysrörelsen. We train outside, keep a distance from each other and don't share training equipment.

There is one more Monday session before the summer holiday, 29/6, from 16.30 to 17.15. We meet Anna beside the boule courts near Sickla Sjö.

StrongMovement is a circuit training with a focus on mobility and strength for the whole body. It is meant for those who want a bit of a challenge and an increased heart rate. You need to bring your own mat if you think the grass isn’t soft enough.

COVID-19 Newsflash

As of March 11, the COVID-19 outbreak is classified as a global pandemic. As a company-sponsored organization, ACIF will adhere to Group and Epiroc guidelines to reduce risks to employee health.

There will be no ACIF-organized events until further notice. We anticipate our activities to be delayed until autumn.

This includes the Step Competition, since restrictions due to the virus change daily.

Let’s encourage each other to exercise at home by sharing photos and inspiration via our Facebook group.

Yoga and hiking weekends postponed indefinitely

Due to the physical distancing requirements during the COVID-19 pandemic the yoga and hiking weekends must be postponed indefinitely.

We hope to be able to organize these training weekends in 2021.

ACIF Booking Calendar

Here members can book a golf round at Lidingo GK or a badminton or tennis court at times reserved for ACIF members. There is one ACIF booking per day allowed at the golf club. The person who books can book for up to four people. There are specific times and courts allocated for ACIF tennis and badminton.

For all sports, we help each other see the availability by booking in the calendar to the right. The person booking should enter the sport and his/hername as the booking title. Non-ACIF members are allowed to play with a member who books.

The activities and times available for booking are:

  • Badminton at Badmintonstadion, court no. 8; Mondays from 17:00 to 18:00 and Thursdays from 18:00 to 19:00. There is a summer break between 15/6 - 15/8 when it is not possible to play. Book here, then call and reserve your place at the stadium. For more info, contact:

  • Tennis at Älta Tennis Hall: Tuesdays Court 1 at 07-08 (with a coach) / Thursdays Court 3 at 07-08. For these days you can just show up. For other times, see the Tennis section for booking details. For more info, contact: Ken Lagerborg,

  • Golf at Lidingö Golf Club: All days in season. Max hcp is 32 (36) . Book first here, then call Lidingö GK and book your start time, phone no. 08-731 79 00. For more info, contact: Mathias Carlsson, Request your calendar log-in details by mailing

Note that only one session per sport can be booked by ACIF member at any one time. Read more on the page for each sport.