We stay fit together!

ACIF offers employees of all the Atlas Copco and Epiroc companies in Sickla a wide variety of organized activities and discounted gym memberships for an annual membership fee of only 300 SEK . Get to know more colleagues and make new friends by training together. We have activities to suit everyone:

· Cycling

· Running

· Kayaking

· Cross-country skiing

· Climbing

· Tennis

· Golf

· Badminton

· Football

· Floor ball

· Yoga

We also regularly host guest speakers on topics related to sports, fitness and the physical and psychological health benefits of training.


Sign-up to become a member is easy - use this link. NOTE: You will receive confirmation of your membership, but it may take up to two weeks.

ACIF has a closed Facebook group for members. To follow the latest posts about our activities, use the link below to ask to be added to the group:


Watch this space for announcements of upcoming special events. See also the calendar, below.

The Outdoor Bootcamp is extended until June 19. See Special events for more info.

Save the dates:

  • Step Contest May 5-June 2, 2019
  • Siljan runt, June 1 (traveling and staying overnight May 31, 2019)
  • Hiking trip in Scotland, June 6-10, 2019

For more details and reports about recent events see the special events page

ACIF Booking Calendar

Here members can book a golf round at Lidingo GK or a badminton or tennis court at times reserved for ACIF members. There is one ACIF booking per day allowed at the golf club. The person who books can book for up to four people. There are specific times and courts allocated for ACIF tennis and badminton.

For all sports, we help each other see the availability by booking in the calendar to the right. The person booking should enter the sport and his/hername as the booking title. Non-ACIF members are allowed to play with a member who books.

The activities and times available for booking are:

  • Badminton at Badmintonstadion, court no. 8; Mondays from 17:00 to 18:00 and Thursdays from 18:00 to 19:00. Book here, then call and reserve your place at the stadium. For more info, contact: Alexander Blank,
  • Tennis at Älta Tennis Hall: Tuesdays Court 1 at 07-08 (with a coach) / Thursdays Court 3 at 07-08. For these days you can just show up. For other times, see the Tennis section for booking details. For more info, contact: Ken Lagerborg,
  • Golf at Lidingö Golf Club: All days in season. Max hcp is 32 (36) . Book first here, then call Lidingö GK and book your start time, phone no. 08-731 79 00. For more info, contact: Mathias Carlsson, Request your calendar log-in details by mailing

Note that only one session per sport can be booked by ACIF at any one time. Read more on the page for each sport.