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Welcome to Achord Counselling

I went into Counselling as a career wanting to reduce the barriers that prevented people from accessing therapy for themselves...

I remember my first experience of personal therapy; the fear of the unknown combined with scepticism that it could even help me. I also worried that my Therapist wouldn't 'get me'. I knew I needed someone with a well developed sense of humour... would they have? I hoped so.

Sharing something about who I am might help you with making your decision:

  • I too have been in a position of seeking out a therapist more than once
  • I’ve had my share of life’s ups and downs
  • I bring ‘myself’; I don’t hide behind a façade
  • I'm human, I have my flaws.
  • I aim to be as ‘transparent’ as I can in my relationship with you. (That means I own my mistakes)
  • I do (fortunately) have a sense of humour

Person Centred Therapy

(For those that are interested in the theoretical framework I work from)

I work from a person centred, existential, relational approach. I am not in the business of diagnosing your distress but rather aim to understand what your worries and issues mean to you and how they affect you uniquely.

I hope to help you by enabling you to explore your own identity and to find out what makes you ‘tick’. By providing you with a space to feel accepted regardless of the issue will enable you to learn about yourself and how you relate to others.

Person centred therapy is centred on the ability of the counsellor to offer unconditional positive regard and acceptance of the client's situation. This develops by connecting deeply with the client through trying to understand their world as they experience it. Empathic understanding will enable you to take a step back, to more fully consider your own beliefs and values rather than those that you may have taken on board over the course of your life without really noticing. These conditions of worth are ways of behaving and thinking that granted us approval and love even if it meant giving up certain aspects of ourselves.

As a human being you have a vast potential for growth, when not constrained by labels that others may have assigned to you. If you are looking to explore your deeper feelings and the reasons behind your particular habits or addictions or ways of relating with people you may find this type of therapy useful.