Fresh Start

There are two main requirements that absolutely must be met by the individual.

Do You Need the Help of a Lawyer to File Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy is a legal option that allows a person to overcome their debts. When debts become too much to handle, it is the right of the individual to seek help from a bankruptcy attorney. Although an attorney is not always necessary for pursuing bankruptcy, most people feel more confident when they get legal help for the process.

Why Is Getting Help from an Attorney Recommended?

When someone hires an attorney, they will be able to get the legal help they need so the process is not so stressful. The attorney takes over all of the processes, including making sure the client will be able to meet the requirements of filing for bankruptcy. There are two main requirements that absolutely must be met by the individual.

The individual's income must not be greater than the state's median income.

The individual must go through credit counseling before they will be able to be approved.

Hiring an attorney simply makes the process of filing for chapter 7 bankruptcy much easier to go through. The mountain of paperwork that is involved in the process can be confusing when someone tries to file themselves. With the help of an attorney, all of the paperwork will be taken care of by the attorney and much less stress will be placed on the individual.

With Chapter 7, individuals can be given a fresh start to help them overcome their debts with the help of the courts. Most people who file Chapter 7 do not have any assets that can be liquidated. The assets that are exempt will not be liquidated. Non-exempt property can be liquidated, but this is not always carried out.

How to Get Started

To get started on filing for chapter 7 bankruptcy, an individual needs to first schedule a consultation meeting with the attorney. This meeting is a free consultation appointment that allows the individual to learn about their bankruptcy options and make the wisest choice for their legal needs.

While debt can truly be difficult to overcome, chapter 7 offers individuals a chance to start over. Once the attorney has been hired, they immediately start the process of filling out the paperwork so the individual can go through means testing, which measures their income. If the individual passes the means test, they can be approved for their bankruptcy so they can soon be free of the debts they owe. Call the office today to get started on the process.