Acer Aspire 5253 Troubleshooting

Proven ways to fix Acer Aspire 5253 issues

Most of the PC’s and laptops get slow or start giving different issues over time. There are ranges of problems that may crop up in case you have been using Acer Aspire 5253 for quite a long period of time. And in the same way, there could be several reasons of an unwelcomed issue. So there is no need to spend your money and time by going to a laptop repair shop for help; when you can get the guidance of the problem here.

Let’s check out some of the common issues that maximum number of Acer Aspire faces:

Battery detection issue

· You need to check that your battery pack is attached properly, if it’s not, simply follow a guide in reverse order for installing it correctly. And check there are no bent pins where the battery is placed in your laptop.

Indicator light is missing

· In case you know the battery works then you need to take it out, and just hold down the power button for at least 20 seconds.

· Afterwards, put the battery back in and plug in the power cord. The See that an orange charging light should be turned on. And once the blue charged light gets on, make your best effort to turn on your laptop. You need to replace the motherboard if this solution does not work.

Display problems

Broken display

· In case you find that your indicator light is turned on and the battery is charged, there might be a possibility that your display is broken.

PC showing a black screen

· Does your laptop is showing only a black screen? It means some virus issue is there. For this, you need to run malware software.

Overheating trouble

Many programs running on laptop

· Your laptop may often overheat due to it is being overworked for several hours. You need to restart the laptop, wait for a few minutes and in case the noise of the fan gets decreased means your problem is solved.

Fan Not Functioning

· In order to check that your fan is giving a response or not, turn off the machine, flip it over, and just turn it back on.

· If you don't hear the system fan, then it means the fan processor is not functioning properly and you need to replace it.

Listed above are some of the possible causes, for more solutions you can avail the best guidance via an Acer customer support services helpline number for expert help.