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Paint the bedroom: that's how you do it!

At homify we think it is very important that you feel at home in every room in your house. The colors that you use on the walls play a very important role in this. And the bedroom is a space that you should not forget in that respect. That is why we think the bedroom paints are very important and we want to do everything we can to inform you as much as possible about how to do this. And there is more to it than just taking a pot of paint, paint roller and brush. Especially choosing the right color that suits your style and that also fits in with the room. In this article we will make every effort to ensure that you or a professional painter will ensure that you get a beautiful bedroom. Painter Greensboro NC

The function of the bedroom

With every room in your house you should actually ask yourself what the exact function is. Because often a certain room has several functions and if it concerns the interior and especially the color scheme, then you must of course take this into account. The bedroom is certainly no exception. So do you only use the bedroom for sleeping, or is it also your office or for example meditation room? Keep that in mind before painting! And in the bedroom paints it can also be that you have a studio. Then there is only one room in which all functions are combined: how do you paint the wall behind your bed? Read on soon to see how you can get started!

Dark or light?

We assume in the first instance that you use the bedroom to sleep and thus it should be a room where you can fall asleep peacefully and pleasantly. Bright colors are therefore not advisable because they negate the serene atmosphere that you want to create by striking colors. But that does not mean that you can not use any color at all. The biggest question is whether you will paint the bedroom dark or light. The rule of thumb that generally applies, and certainly to the bedroom, is that the smaller the space is, the lighter you have to paint it. Especially if the ceiling is relatively low, it is important to make it as light as possible. Do you have an old house with a high ceiling and do you want to make it more intimate? Then a somewhat darker color on the ceiling can make it just a bit cozier. Furthermore, it is always very important to take into account the light.

Under a sloping roof

This photo actually leads us to a very nice case study based on what we have told you before. In this case it is a sloping roof. Many houses have a sloping roof under which one or more bedrooms can be found. In such a case, you certainly do well to paint the ceiling and the slanted walls in white. That makes the whole just a little bit wider! Do you want to add a tan because otherwise you will be a bit too white? A beautiful pastel shade on the wall is doing very well here! And you also see that this bedroom, despite the small space and the sloping walls, has been very spacious. You can also gain the necessary inspiration here in terms of decor, style and decoration.

Painting or decorating bedroom?

Besides the bedroom paints, there are of course other options. We keep a few nice ideas for later, but let you see here that you can also think about wallpaper. In such a case, choose a light color and a not too motive motive . Actually exactly like in the picture! Wallpaper is a bit more difficult than painting, but if you take the time for it should surely succeed. And otherwise there is always a professional who can take on such a job with both hands

A striking color

We have reduced the color palette for the bedroom a bit to not too conspicuous colors. But what if you just want that? That is fine, but limit it to one wall in the bedroom. The wall behind the bed is the best option. You do not see them when you are in bed and that way you keep the atmosphere very calm and serene. In this case you see a nice yellow color, but green, blue or perhaps red are also certainly worth considering.

Other tips and ideas

In addition to painting or decorating the bedroom, there are plenty of other tips and ideas. Let's start with the photo, because it already shows multiple ideas! To make the bedroom more spacious, you could opt for large mirrors. Very useful if you want to change clothes or if you need a mirror while the bathroom is busy. And in this case there is also a nice spacious closet hidden behind! The mirror also shows a beautiful wall that is covered with fabric. For a bedroom also a very nice solution. But there are more solutions than that. For example, you could opt for a (painted) paneling if you want to create a more rustic atmosphere. And what about the nursery? There are plenty of solutions for this too, and we think that the best thing is perhaps to paint the bedroom with chalk paint . That way, the kids can draw on the wall to your heart's content without having to start working all over again. Also take a look around with us, there are more than enough ideas!