Ace Painting Fayetteville NC

Winter painter for your home

Do you want to have the painting done on the outside of your house, but are not you waiting for the costs? By using a winter painter save on the costs of your painting. How? In winter there is less work for outside painters, because of the low temperatures and the bad weather. Painters therefore charge lower rates in the period from November to March, so that you are cheaper in that period.

VAT paintwork

What about the VAT of your painting? If you live in a house that is older than 2 years and you have your painting done, you only pay 6% VAT . This also applies to the materials used, the preparation and pre-treatment of your painting. Other work that does not have to do with painting, but may be done at the same time, does fall under 21% VAT. Is painting work deductible? Both interior painting and exterior painting are tax deductible.

Tips painting

With the renewal of your painting you have the possibility to provide both the inside and the outside of your home with a fresh look. Of course you want this project to be carried out as well as possible and that you do not have to worry about it yourself. What should you pay attention to when you do your painting? Read some useful tips here.

Combine projects

Are your frames ready for a new lick of paint, but do you see that your dormer window also needs to be painted? By combining projects you are often cheaper. Various projects such as stucco and painting can also be easily combined. So you are only once with the inconveniences of plasterers and painters in the house and you enjoy fresh stucco and painting as quickly as possible.

Note quality marks

Within the painting industry there are a number of quality marks that you can look out for. Quality marks guarantee certain quality requirements of painting and service. One of these labels is Better Painter . De Betere Schilder is the organization for recognized painters and subjects painters to intensive quality controls. The AF accreditation scheme is a foundation that guarantees quality, security, expertise and reliability. Painting companies do not just get a quality mark and by paying attention to this when hiring a painter, you are assured of a good end result.

Compare painters

There are many painters who can carry out your project, each for their own price. By requesting multiple proposals from different painters, you get a better picture of the costs for your painting project. Put the different quotes side by side and see the advantages and disadvantages of each quote. This way you quickly get a good picture of the painting company that suits you best and you start with a good feeling on your painting project.