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Good house painter wanted: Helpful tips

Naturally, you want to use a good house painter to paint your house. But what should you look for in your search for a house painter? What have people watched who have previously sought a house painter? Below you will find some useful tips

Note quality marks

A quality mark indicates that the house painter or the painting company meets certain standards. The Betere Schilder is a well-known mark in the painting industry and is therefore a quality mark that you can encounter during your search for a house painter. Companies that are affiliated with this label are checked, among other things, on the skills and quality of the painting.

Read reviews

On the internet many reviews can be found about different painters. If the painting company has a Facebook page, reviews can often be found there. It is of course good to think that you should not believe everything on the internet. But it helps you to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Ask in your area

People in your area have also searched and found a house painter in the past. Ask them about their experiences with home painters. Based on this you know which painting company has a good reputation and if you want to use this company for your project.

Also look outside your city

Do you live in a big city? More artists are being asked in large cities. For example, many painters are sought in Amsterdam, as a result of which painters in that city are often full. By hiring a painter who comes from a surrounding city or village, you are more likely to have time for your (emergency) job.

Savings tips house painter

You do not want to spend too much money on your painting. Below you can read a few handy savings tips for turning on a house painter.

Cheap is expensive

There is a lot of searching for cheap painters and there are many painters who offer their services at extremely low prices. Although this seems attractive, it is sometimes better to pay a little more. These painters are often not certified and are not affiliated with quality marks. By paying a little more for a recognized painter, you have more pleasure in your choice in the long term.

Request different offers

Every house painter's quote is different. By requesting proposals from various house painters, you get the opportunity to compare prices. Compare the prices and find out which house painter best fits your needs.

House painter subscription

If you keep track of your painting, it will last longer. Keeping track of all the paintwork in and outside your home is a lot of work and a house painter will gladly take this over from you. By signing a maintenance contract with your house painter, he or she periodically checks and maintains your painting. So you do not have to worry about it anymore.

Self-employed or painting company

To save on costs, a freelance painter is often sought. A freelancer is often cheaper than a painting company. It costs less than a larger painting company and this is reflected in the price of your project.