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6 tips for choosing the perfect painting

There is nothing as uncomfortable as an impersonal living room, where only a couple of obligatory candles are placed. Apart from, of course, some nice pictures, paintings are the ultimate means to give character and liveliness to the interior. Art makes a living room shine, but it does even more: it refers to the taste and frame of reference of the resident. But how do you choose the right painting? Read these 6 tips!

Style and theme

The most important tip in choosing the style and theme of your painting : avoid cultivated, cheap clichés. It is tempting for many to throw the well-considered repertoire in your shopping basket in home shops: leave the New York skyline, a Buddha head, Audrey Hepburn's profile at Breakfast At Tiffany's.

In terms of theme it is a good tip to think about images that make you happy and that directly refer to your preferences, tastes and hobbies. Everyone wants something different to see. The dark ladies in this painting fit well with someone with a worldly need for travel and cultures. An idyllic harbor town fits a serene atmosphere, a bustling city night with partygoers, a historic sea battle with lovers of antiques, and an abstract whole with brightly colored lines is ideal for people who want to give their interior something progressive and modern. Make sure that visitors of your house can reconcile the theme with your character.

Harmonize the colors in the room

There are two camps: the first group thinks that a painting must fit exactly with the other colors in the living room (walls and furniture). In this picture the painting radiates a rest because it fits exactly with the colors of this living room. The other group is, just like Jan des Bouvrie, once with the fact that in a quiet interior with light, subtle colors, just a popping painting must be placed in contrast. Here too it is important to pay attention to what you like most: find your living room a bit dull in terms of colors, then give it a painting with pronounced colors and apply this in a few details (cushions, lamps, candles). Do you find your living room too chaotic? Then choose a simple painting as in this picture.

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The walls, curtains and furniture are very serene in terms of colors, and the painting with red and orange tones makes the room stand out. Residents of houses with bright colors will probably not prefer a painting with soft tones. How do you make an exciting choice in this case? Let the colors on the painting contrast with the living room. So if you have a living room with lots of red or purple hues, choose a painting with the color that complements it: green.

Lists are underestimated components in the art world, because they can push a painting in a completely different direction. It is possible, for example, to choose a passe-partout. In this case, space remains between the painting and the list, which protects the image. You can also opt for a fixed or closed list. Once again, lists are a taste issue, and they can be chosen from classic to classic. Ideally, the list does not divert attention from the painting and emphasizes the impact of the image. A subtle, unobtrusive image does not thrive well under a striking list.

In general, the list should naturally fit into the interior. An oak frame fits better in a rural interior than in a room where many unnatural materials such as steel and plastic can be found. But that a contrast can also turn out well, proves this image. In this modern interior expressly opted for striking, baroque frames to contrast. In this case, choose two styles that are miles apart, so that it becomes clear that the difference is the intention.

Optimize space

Okay, then a painting has been purchased. But where do you place the copy then? In the average living room there is usually an empty space above the couch that begs for an image. A useful tip is to follow the shape of the wall. On a very wide wall, for example, a wide painting fits, while elongated paintings come out better, yes: that narrow piece of wall in the kitchen. In this photo two lamps are placed on the wall where the painting fits nicely between.

Some appreciate the effect of several small paintings next to each other. Still, it is better to hang such compositions in the hallway, stairway or bedroom, since several paintings soon make the living room messy. The living room requires a larger gesture.

Visual balance

A few numbers in a row that can help to maintain the visual balance of the painting in space: for a calm image, there should be between 40 and 60 centimeters around the painting. Furthermore, a painting that is placed above a sofa should be at least 1 meter wide. Above a table that is placed against the wall with its shortest part, it may be narrower again. If a painting does not have an anchor point (so no bank or table where it hangs above), you opt for a work of at least 80 centimeters high.

Walls in relatively large homes (such as those on the image) require a statement. Place an even larger painting for a robust compensation of the immense space.

Ace Painting Pros
Ace Painting Pros

Indoor lighting

After selecting the theme, the colors, the location and the format, the final touch consists of the correct light supply. In classical homes we regularly see special golden painting lamps hanging above the canvas and illuminating the scene. Yet this is not a must. You can also rotate spots in the living room towards the painting. If the painting is behind a glass frame, it is necessary to place the lamps at an angle of 30 degrees to the canvas. In this way, reflections and shadows in the glass are avoided. Also useful: lighting is integrated in some rail systems that have paintings hung. That way you keep your wall neat.

Are there still doubts about the size and placement of a painting? Then stick a sheet on the wall with adhesive tape to test what you're getting used to. Also, many art vendors think it's great to have a few days to try a painting, so you can check if you are happy with it. Paintings can of course be quite expensive. But walk around in thrift stores, or scan the internet, and see which image gives you a nice feeling.

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