Access Chart

Viewing Basics

YouTube Premiere

YouTube Premiere is streaming video service, meaning other people will not be able to see or hear you during the event, but you can talk to other attendees via a live, text-based chat.

The video will begin at 7pm. (Almost) Making Let's Eat Mary is 65 minutes in length, plus a few informational slides before and after. You can start and stop the video, but be mindful the video will no longer be available after 9pm.

For detailed information on how to use YouTube Premiere, please see this document (link)

Access Point Person

The access designer is Molly Mattaini. She will be able to answer questions in the chat function on Youtube live as well as via email and phone:, (608) 515-8496‬


The event is free. No reservations are required.

Languages & Accents

Mostly midwestern American English. Various British accents are also used.

Click "CC" while watching the video to enable English subtitles.

The digital program is also in English. Please contact us for other accommodations.

Video - Sensory


Generally one person speaks at a time without other loud sounds in the background.

However, the sound quality in general is poor, as the footage was recorded via Zoom. It may be helpful to turn on CC (Closed Captioning) in order to view the subtitles. If you find the audio unpleasant, you can watch the video with the sound turned off.


There are no strobes or other visuals that are intentionally jarring.

However, as the footage was recorded via Zoom, the video quality is poor and frequent glitches and jumps may be unpleasant for some viewers. If you find the low video quality unpleasant, it may help to make your picture smaller, watch on a smaller device, or to listen to the video without watching the screen.

Chat Notifications

You can turn off chat notifications. For detailed information on how to use YouTube Premiere, please see this document (link)

Video - Content

Plot Description

(Almost) Making Let's Eat Mary is a video featuring the cast and crew of what would have been the world premiere of Brooke Allen's stage play Let's Eat Mary. Before the COVID-19 pandemic shuttered theatres across the country, the collaborators had already experienced months working on this unique production. In the video, the cast and crew offer audiences a window into a rehearsal process designed to center accessibility and sustainability, discuss Allen's delightfully biting feminist comedy, and share clips from remote rehearsals.

Let's Eat Mary finds the Pride and Prejudice siblings rowing up to a tiny desolate island on a quest to escape the patriarchy... or at least that's what Lizzie keeps going on about. Without connections to this new place, the sisters struggle to shed old expectations and soon wonder if they've made the right choice leaving everything behind. Perhaps removal and isolation can't provide what they seek... or maybe this whole ordeal is Mary's fault, she's the worst. Fast-paced and brushed with punk-rock, politics, and heart, Let's Eat Mary takes an absurd leap where Pride and Prejudice leaves off, bringing audiences, regardless of their familiarity with Jane Austen's original, on a hilarious ride satirizing our current state of affairs.

Please contact us for a more detailed description of the video or the play.

Sex, Sexuality, Intimate Touching, or Nudity

There are brief references to sex and sexuality.

Physical Violence, Injuries, Weapons, Combat, or Stunts

No specific or graphic instances are discussed or shown.


Although mostly unscripted, the video is pre-recorded.


Infrequent mild swearing.

Additional Content & Trigger Notifications

There is a comedic reference to cannibalism in the play during the rehearsal footage. The discussions touch on misogyny, ableism, white supremacy, colonization, activism, protests, politics, and COVID-19.

Interpersonal Interaction

Thoughtful Interactions & Avoiding Marginalizing Behavior

We hope those engaging with our events are thoughtful about how we each have different relationships to race, disability, gender, class, sexuality, age, citizenship, and many other factors. We can all use both critical thinking and generosity (with ourselves and others) when mistakes are made, since we are all in a constant process of learning. We appreciate feedback from audience members about their experiences with our projects, including experiences with our collaborators, other audience members, event venues, and the content of our shows.

Complaint Path

The access designer, Molly Mattaini, will field conflicts and complaints via email and phone:, (608) 515-8496‬. She will work to improve the situation moving forward and helping strategize to prevent similar situations in the future, connecting folks to outside moderators and resources as appropriate.


Recordings are prohibited.