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Accept Technology Co., Ltd.

- Accept Technology Co., Ltd. is dedicated to the automotive infotainment system which develops AVNTES (Audio / Video / Navigation / Telematics / Entertainment / Safety) products, integrating multimedia / wireless communication / navigation / safety driving cutting-edge techniques.

- Accept technology Co., Ltd. especially develops geo-location, cloud based solutions with his experts who had specialized in development of navigation products and systems for Hyundai Motor Group, aiming his motto, Expert Group of Navigation.

- Accept Technology Co., Ltd. is also engaged in the development of navigation and multimedia software for automotive in-vehicle infotainment, as a software development partner of Hyundai Mobis R&D Center, since the last 10 years.

- Accept Technology Co., Ltd. has the latest EMX analytical expertise, including EMI / EMC / EMP / RADHAZ analysis and reduction/mitigation measures, topside sensors, radars, and antennas arrangement analysis, compartment room analysis, etc. with more than 20 year carrier.

Accept Technology Co., Ltd.

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