Comparison between Accelerated and Traditional Braces

Like many other departments in dentistry, orthodontics has also gone through major advancement. Now, there are two types of braces which you can have to get your teeth straightened. These types are accelerated and traditional braces. Both types have their own sets of pros and cons. Moreover, there are some criteria which need to be considered while choosing any type of braces.

Having that said, the pros and cons of both types are worth discussing here.

Accelerated Braces: Pros & Cons

As the name suggests, accelerated braces speed up the process of teeth straightening. Accelerated braces can straighten teeth in time period as short as 3 months. Typically, there are 6 months required for the teeth to be straightened with accelerated braces. The major reason accelerated braces work efficiently is that they move the teeth and their roots at the same time. Since the treatment duration using accelerated braces is shorter, the overall costs of treatment are also lower because you will not have to pay more visits to the dentist during treatment. Furthermore, you will be provided with an option to choose clear or tooth-colored brackets to be used in the braces. It means that your braces are going to be less noticeable.

The major downside of accelerated braces is that they do not provide solutions that benefit overall mouth. Instead, the only objective of these braces is to make the teeth aesthetically perfect. Therefore, you may not find accelerated braces very useful if you have bite issues to correct.

Traditional Braces: Pros & Cons

You may think about metal braces as an orthodontic treatment which involves clunky brackets and massive headgear. Good news is that this type of metal braces is not being used in the modern dentistry anymore. The metal braces are much slimmer than they were used to be, and the headgear not required in most of the cases. Traditional braces offer wide range of orthodontic solutions. Whether you need to fix spacing issues, straighten crooked teeth, or correct the bad bite, metal braces have solutions to provide.

However, there are some side effects of metal braces. The biggest and the well-known one is that you will have to wear braces for many years in order to get the desired results. The way these braces work is that they pull teeth to settle them in desired position. And this process is done in different stages. Moreover, the teeth and roots are moved separately in order to achieve permanent results. This is the reason that the treatment may take time. Generally, traditional braces are not very costly. However, these braces are expensive as compared to accelerated braces.