Test your CFO skills! Join our regional ACCA competition, win great prizes and learn how can you benefit from ACCA Qualification!

Career paths in the accountancy profession are becoming more diverse than ever so this is the best time to get qualified and enhance your CV and ACCA is here to advise and support you every step of the way. ACCA is present in Southeast Europe through its 10.000 members and students and has strong ties with global Universities, Employers and National bodies , allowing our members to become international expert accountants and financial auditors.

Beside our qualification you should know that we also offer free access to latest news and research in finance and accounting provided by our Professional insights division, free Career advice and support and also access to our monthly Student accountant magazine so make sure you check our website and use all these valuable resources in order to plan and further develop your career and academic studies.

So why wait? Start planning your career now with an excellent offer from ACCA: practice your business and accounting knowledge for a chance to win a Huawei P20 PRO phone, a GoPro Hero 7 gadget or a FitBit bracelet and on top of it all, an easier registration to ACCA!

How does it work?

  1. You need to be in the final year of your Bachelors or first/second year of your Masters degree, in faculties with an economic profile in Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Albania and Macedonia. We do not accept participants who are already ACCA students or members.

  2. The registration lasts from 17th of February 2020 to 20th of May 2020 with the last day when you can still register in the contest being 20th of May 2020. Registration can be done by filling in the form below and you will select ONE of the two possible dates when you will receive the link to your exam (22nd of May or 23rd of May).

  3. We will ask all registered students to sit one online multiple-choice-questions exam in English for 30 minutes (the style and content of ACCA exam for papers F2 Management Accounting and F3 Financial Accounting) and on the 2nd of June we will announce the winners. You will only need a device with internet access to sit the exam, no need to install anything else. Following receipt of the exam subjects, you will only have 30 minutes to complete as much as possible and click SUBMIT. Failure to submit the exam in 30 minutes or less will lead to you being disqualified from the contest.

  4. The results will be ranked and the winner of the first prize (having the most correct answers) will receive a Huwei P20 Pro phone. The second ranked will receive a Go Pro Hero 7 Silver device and the third a FitBit health bracelet. All of you answering more than 40% correct questions, in the allocated time, will WIN a special scholarship to register to ACCA's Qualifications, should you choose to accelerate your career with the world's most recognised qualification in business and accountancy. The winners will be announced on Tuesday 2nd of June.

Entry in the contest is free of charge. The contest is for students in the final years of Bachelors or Masters, on the Romanian, Bulgarian, Albanian, Macedonian and Moldova Territories. For full information about the terms and conditions of this competition please access http://bit.ly/39REJB9